Why Provider Choice Matters

Bodify is proud of our long-time reign as Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider. We’ve worked hard to build a thriving, successful business, and it didn’t happen by luck! As the elite CoolSculpting provider in Arizona (and fourth in the nation!), we’ve performed over 22,000 CoolSculpting treatments to date, and [...]

Why Bodify Won’t Compromise Their Word & Match CoolSculpting Pricing

We have done over 18,000 treatments since 2019. We knew from the get go, when were entered into the wonderful world of non-invasive fat-reduction, that there would be providers who dedicated themselves to their clients, their results, and doing right by the technology and the industry. And there would [...]

Is CoolSculpting Vain? Shouldn’t I Just Be Happy In My Skin?

This is such a great question and one we see people internally wrestle with. Of course we sell CoolSculpting, in fact we are the #1 provider in AZ based on number of freeze freezing treatments we’ve done (yup we’ve transformed a lot of bodies with this amazing non-invasive fat [...]

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