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CoolSculpting Elite + CoolTone = Maximum Results!

Bodify is proud to have been chosen by Allergen to be Arizona’s FIRST and ONLY CoolSculpting provider to offer CoolSculpting Elite. Since we opened our doors in 2015, we’ve dedicated ourselves to one technology and one technology only - CoolSculpting, so when we were selected as one of ten providers [...]

CoolSculpting Elite: Started With Popsicles, Now We’re Here

Really, popsicles!? What do popsicles have to do with CoolSculpting Elite, the latest body-contouring technology Bodify has to offer? Well.. plenty! Stay tuned, we’re going to break it down for you.  If you’re new here and curious about Bodify, you should know we’re the number one CoolSculpting provider in Phoenix [...]

Do I Have the Right Body Type For CoolSculpting Elite?

As the top provider for CoolSculpting Elite in Phoenix, we know that it’s common for men and women to want to know if they have the “right body type” or if they’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting Elite. First, let’s be clear - there is never any “right” or “wrong” [...]

Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated!

Bodify is the top CoolSculpting Elite provider in Phoenix (actually, in the entire state of Arizona!), and we’ve built our practice on a commitment to health and wellness. We simply love helping both men and women look and feel their best. To date, we have performed over 23,000 CoolSculpting treatments, [...]

Hiking in Phoenix? Here Are Some Tips!

CoolSculpting has long reigned as one of the best options for non-surgical fat reduction and body-contouring, and Bodify, with two Phoenix-area locations, has established itself as CoolSculpting experts, since that’s ALL we do. We now proudly offer CoolSculpting Elite, which delivers more dramatic body-contouring results in a shorter amount of [...]

Why Bodify Loves The New CoolSculpting Elite System

As an organization who prides itself of reputation and delivering on its fat-reduction promises, Bodify is beyond thrilled about its ability to offer the new CoolSculpting Elite system to its clients and those who have an interest in non-invasive, effective, and FDA-cleared body contouring.For over 6 years, Bodify has dedicated [...]

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