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Does CoolSculpting Elite Work On Thighs? YES!

Do you have thick thighs and feel like they’re not saving any lives? Or, certainly not letting you live your best life as your most confident self? Bodify, a premier med-spa with two Phoenix-area locations, specializes exclusively in CoolSculpting Elite, an incredible non-invasive technology that has the ability to contour [...]

We LOVED CoolSculpting Then, and we LOVE CoolSculpting Elite Now!

Bodify, Arizona’s premier medspa, began because of two sisters’ dream of building a successful business with each other while simultaneously making a difference in people’s lives. In 2015, we opened the doors of our first location and have since expanded to two beautiful Valley CoolSculpting locations in Arcadia and Scottsdale. [...]

Get Back On Track With CoolSculpting Elite

Perhaps you’re one of the many who fell into bad habits when quarantine hit last year, and have since struggled to get back on track. Or, maybe you’ve consistently been a yo-yo dieter and are finding it difficult to stay motivated. Whatever your unique situation is, it’s not uncommon for [...]

Feeling Stuck with Fat Loss? Add CoolSculpting Elite to Your Arsenal

Feeling stuck when it comes to losing weight and getting rid of fat? We’ve all been there! It can be incredibly frustrating to not see changes or get the results you want, especially when you’ve put in effort and changed habits. Bodify is a boutique medical spa with two locations [...]

Fighting Fat As You Age With CoolSculpting Elite

Fighting Fat As You Age With CoolSculpting Elite Have you been eating well and exercising, and still not seeing the results you want? Even when you’ve never really had a problem before?  Well, your age may be the reason. As we age, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain or [...]

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