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Tell Us You’re CoolSculpting Experts Without Telling Us You’re Experts

Tell us you're a CoolSculpting Elite Expert without telling us you're a CoolSculpting Elite Expert! If you browse any social media platform, you’ve probably seen the viral trend: “Tell us you’re a ___, without telling us you’re a ____.” The posts make for some quality content, so we thought we’d [...]

How COOL is CoolSculpting Elite? The Coolest.

Surely you’ve heard of CoolSculpting since it’s been around for over a decade, and hopefully you’ve heard of the newest, most-updated technology available - CoolSculpting Elite. As CoolSculpting Elite providers with clients all over Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas, the team at Bodify is profoundly proud of the CoolSculpting [...]

CoolSculpting Elite = Fat Reduction That Works!

Everyone wants less fat on their body, right!? Right! At Bodify, we have performed over 24,000 non-invasive fat-freezing treatments since 2015, so we know a lot about unwanted fat and how to get rid of it.  A common misconception is that CoolSculpting Elite is for people who are unhealthy and [...]

CoolSculpting Elite and The Peanut Gallery

At Bodify, CoolSculpting is the ONLY service we have offered for over 6 years. We’ve done over 25,000 CoolSculpting treatments and find this non-invasive, fat-reduction treatment to be wildly effective when: A person is truly a candidate The provider knows how to build an effective treatment plan Proper expectations [...]

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