The Bodify Difference

Bodify uses a no-nonsense, individualized approach to realizing positive body image. Here, our compassionate professionals discuss your needs confidentially in a state-of-the-art facility that blends technological prowess and spa-like comforts into an awe-inspiring experience.

Just a few of our differentiators:

    • CoolSculpting-Focused Boutique – Because we wanted to be the first and best
    • Beautiful Results Promise™ – Because we stand behind our results
    • Multiple machines – Because your time is valuable
    • ManCave – Because men have fat too
    • Weekend and evening hours – Because you are busy
    • Locally Owned and Operated – Because we love our community
    • No Judgement and No Pressure- Because CoolSculpting is a big decision
    • Referral Program – Because sharing your confidence with the world should be rewarded

Referral Program

We always encourage our clients to share their Bodify experiences with family and friends, which is why we implemented our referral program. By inviting your inner circle to join in on your body transformation journey, you’re helping us restore the same confidence in our community as you gained with our Coolsculpting or CoolTone services.

We believe you should be rewarded for inspiring that kind of change!

How It Works:
When you refer a friend or family member who commits to a treatment plan of 2 or more cycles, you can choose from rewards like $100 toward your next Bodify visit or $100 to Lululemon.

The Bodify Difference

why bodify

“We are so confident in our service, it’s backed by our Beautiful Results Promise™. All you have to lose is unwanted stubborn fat.”

— Jessica Stellwagen, Bodify Co-Founder

Our Beautiful Results Promise™

The number one hesitation people have about investing in CoolSculpting is the fear that it won’t work. We get it, who wants to throw their hard earned money down the drain? Bodify doesn’t want this fear to be a factor in your decision to transform your body.

Our Beautiful Results Promise™ gives you peace of mind when investing in CoolSculpting at Bodify because we stand by your results 100%.

*Ask for our Beautiful Results Promise™ details at your complimentary consultation.

Smarter, Not Harder!

A desire for fat loss usually comes with a sense of urgency. You want it to happen. Yesterday. We respect that.

Bodify accommodates busy professionals and clients on-the-go with extended hours and weekend availability. Multiple areas of the body can be treated during a single session with the use of DualSculpting or QuadSculpting, two or four CoolSculpting machines that get you in and out in half or one fourth of the time.

Fat reduction should enhance your life over time, not hamper your schedule.

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Long gone are the days when only women invest in body contouring services. Diet and exercise resistant fat doesn’t discriminate. It negatively impacts the confidence and self-perceptions of men and women alike.

The problem, most centers are created with only women in mind. How unfair is that?

We talked to hundreds of men and one thing was clear, they loved the idea of CoolSculpting and lasting fat reduction but felt uncomfortable going into a typical aesthetic center as it completely neglected their needs and wants.

Bodify took that feedback to heart. In fact, we are the first and only center in Arizona with a dedicated treatment room for men. We lovingly refer to it as our “ManCave“. Men love and appreciate the time and attention that went into creating a space where they feel comfortable and can enjoy big screen TVs, video games, magazines and sports memorabilia.

Flexible Hours

We recognized that many of our clients are busy professionals, moms, dads and people. How frustrating is it to call to get an appointment only to hear the office opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm and isn’t open on weekends?

Melissa and Jessica started Bodify first and foremost because they want to help people, so shouldn’t the office accommodate busy schedules and not force people to take time off work in order to schedule complimentary consultations or CoolSculpting treatments?!

We think our hours should meet your needs.

Simply let our front office know you need to come in early or late or on a weekend, we are here for you.

Locally owned and operated

Jessica and Melissa sincerely feel something important is lost when you walk into an office filled with employees who are paid hourly but have no connection to the owner who is often off-site, in a different state, or busy with other business endeavors. Regardless of who you interact with at Bodify, our team is small and intimate and has a deep appreciation for the mission and culture of Bodify. This ensures you have an incredible experience and are treated with respect and care! Don’t be surprised when you walk into Bodify and see Jessica and Melissa alongside the rest of the team, doing consults, answering phones, freezing fat, and loving what they do!

No judgment and no pressure

Having spoken to thousands of people during consultations we soon recognized that most offices offering CoolSculpting use sneaky and unfair tactics not only to bring people into the office but to encourage them to purchase. At Bodify we are 100% clear that we want to treat those who want to be treated, are excited about CoolSculpting, and are absolutely certain it’s right for them. We respect our clients and that CoolSculpting can be a big decision. We never pressure those who walk into our office to make a quick decision. If you need to go home and think about it, we understand, respect and encourage it. We know, at the end of the day, if CoolSculpting is right for you, Bodify will be your choice of provider because of who we are, how we operate, and the results we get our clients.