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Why Bodify Loves The New CoolSculpting Elite

At Bodify We guarantee your fat reduction results. You’ve worked hard to be able to invest in Bodify transformation with CoolSculpting and we think you deserve to get what you pay for!

Not all CoolSculpting providers are equal and not all have the new CoolSculpting elite, if you want the best when it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, Elite is the machine and Bodify is your clinic!

The CoolSculpting Elite System, in our experience is getting our clients and better results- is new and improved technology which always comes with an investment, but at Bodify we are waiving the CoolSculpting Elite upgrade fee so you can get better and faster fat reduction for the same great and affordable price!

NO! CoolSculpting is an art. If you broke your hand would you go to a generalist or a specialist. A HUGE % of your reduction depends on who does the treatment, which applicators they select, how they place the applicators, how they’d administer the post treatment massage and if they do or don’t give you two very important take home instructions. Leave fat freezing to the experts and remember you always get what you pay for.

Bodify is the first practice in AZ to have the new and improve CoolSculpting Elite system. It freeze your fat and gets you better and faster results. Not all providers have made the upgrade, but we think you deserve the best in non-invasive fat-reduction so we’ve got you covered with the Elite.

“Love this question! The answer is YES! However you must do your part. The fat cells we kill with CoolSculpting Elite, will flush out of your body, and once gone, they are gone for good. However we do not KILL all the fat cells, so if you fall of the wagon and gain weight, the remaining fat cells will happy expand and prevent you from loving your results.

I am going to use made up numbers to illustrate. Let’s say you have 100 fat cells in your stomach after two treatments you will have 60 fat cells in your stomach the 40 fat cells we killed will never come back however if you gain weight the remaining 60 fat cells can certainly expand which will not allow you to fully appreciate your CoolSculpting Elite Results”

Look no technology, product or service under the sun works for 100% of the people 100% of the time, that’s why we have our Beautiful Results Promise and guarantee your fat reduction results. If we don’t see the anticipated reduction and you’ve maintained your weight, we’ll happily retreat you for free.

“We wish we had a dollar for every time someone asked us this question our answer has always
been the same we find CoolSculpting Elite tobe ridiculously consistent and predictable with the new CoolSculpting Elite system the results are even faster and better. We guarantee results and continue to achieve them for our clients. If this is not true we would be out of business instead of continually growing and freezing more fat”

NO. CoolTone is 100% about toning, strengthening and firming the butt, thigh and abdomen muscle. No fat reduction will results. CoolSculpting Elite is what you need if you want to see stubborn fat diminish.

CoolTone is like the gym, when you use it, you gain muscle, when you stop, your progress doesn’t too and muscles begin to atrophy. So you need to get your baseline and then do at least monthly treatments or more frequently to keep the results you love

CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite are 100% about fat reduction, getting those stubborn pockets of fat to shrink. CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation to get your muscles to involuntarily contract. 20,000 times in 20-30 minutes. Which with make you more toned, stronger and firmer in your abs, legs and buttocks.

We love to set proper expectations with the CoolSculpting device only 10% of our clients saw and felt at change 4 weeks after the first treatment session, now with the new CoolSculpting Elite, our clients are seeing and feeling changes at 4 weeks. Better and faster fat reduction here we come. Of course not everyone responds the same, so be patient as it can take up to 5 months to see full results after two treatment visits.

CoolSculpting is still the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction technology. But now with the new CoolSculpting Elite- it’s EVEN better and getting more dramatic results. How’s that for cool?! Bodify is one of 11 practices in the nation asked to pilot it and now that it is commercially available we are thrilled to offer it to our phoenix, scottsdale, arcadia, gilbert and Arizona clients.

CoolTone will make you feel stronger, more tone and firm. For some clients, who are very lean, they will see visible definition after doing a series of 8 treatments with CoolTone. Many of our clients say they feel decreased back pain.

We Welcome you explore our beautiful fat freezing office that offers CoolSculpting Elite.

CoolTone is about muscle strengthen, toning and tightening. CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting elite are about fat reduction. You can use both modalities but if you want fat reduction you must do CoolSculpting elite and if you want muscle stimulation you must do CoolTone.

Our goal for every interaction is to leave an individual better than when we found them even if this just means a smile on their face. We have been incredibly intentional in crafting an experience that we are not only proud of but leaves people feeling valued, cared for, and appreciated. Everything from the type of glassware someone is offered at the practice to our luxurious spa robes to our comfortable spa chairs and array of amenities is of paramount importance to Bodify each client receives a hand written card because we truly appreciated the time they spent with us and their decision to invest with Bodify. Over the years it has been incredibly rewarding to get to know our clients and be with them on some of the biggest journeys they’ve experienced.

After 24,000+ treatments we’ve discovered a thing or two about getting better and faster results with CoolSculpting Elite. #1 no anit-inflammatory medications, #2 massage massage massage, #3 maintain your weight to fully appreciate results.

It Takes Two- at Bodify we will never mislead you about what to expect or what you need to do to get the best and most exciting CoolSculpting Elite results. Your transformation will take place over 2 office visits, done 4-6 week apart. The fat will take 1-5 months to flush out, but one they do leave, they aren’t coming back!

“Many of our clients liken it to an intense squat or abdominal crunch. on many occasions we see our clients laugh or smile for the initial few minutes as it feels foreign to have your muscles contract involuntarily. The device has the ability to utilize different settings and you communicate with the technician throughout your treatment so it is always comfortable for you. By the end of the treatment you will be used to the sensation and as soon as the treatment is done you will categorically know your muscles were worked”

Cooltone uses magnetic muscle stimulation or MMS essentially the device gets your glutes, thighs, or abdomen to involuntarily contract. This results in strengthening tightening and toning of the muscles. It is the perfect addition to a person who regularly works out or even for someone who doesn’t but is simply looking to feel better stronger and more firm. Your muscles will contract 20,000 times in a single session and you will feel the difference immediately

After nearly a decade of freezing fat we have found those men and women who seem unable to change trouble spots on their body despite their exercise and eating efforts are ideal for CoolSculpting. This technology uniquely targets that in a way a person isn’t able to through diet and exercise alone. Regardless if age, genetics, or a slew of other factors is impacting your ability to reshape your body, CoolSculpting Elite can help

Bodify has been a super user of CoolSculpting Elite from the beginning with 23,000 treatments under our belts and before and after photos that speak for themselves we were selected along with nine other practices to test the new CoolSculpting Elite technology. We are now one of the only practices in Arizona to have this new device we feel our clients deserve the best so of course we invest in the best. We guarantee results, exclusively focus on body contouring, and have an exceptional reputation for delivering on your fat reduction goals.

No the treatment follows an algorithm and part of the treatment session uses a series of tapping in order to prevent the buildup of lactic acid. The next day your muscles may feel a bit fatigued and tired but you will not feel sore.

We consistently hear from our clients that they feel stronger, more toned and more firm in the areas we treat we have also heard that back pain can be minimized along with sciatic pain and other general aches and pains. The great news is you will feel the difference after a single session in order to maintain that feeling people continue enthusiastically with the treatment. Most people do not see visual changes as they have a layer of fat on top of the muscle that prevents this.

For best results and to establish a baseline, we know that 8 treatments done over the course of 4 weeks is ideal. After that in order to continue to appreciate your new stronger and more tone butt, thighs, and abdomen you need to come in at least once a month- or more if desired

After years of hands-on training and the meticulous delivery of over 23,000 successful CoolSculpting procedures, co-founders and sisters Jessica Stellwagen and Melissa Mickelson discovered a disconnect in the industry. Fat reduction is more than a transformation in the physical sense of self. It affects other aspects of the human condition. Fat loss ignites confidence that can lead to greater self-esteem, self-awareness and self-empowerment. While there are other facilities that offer CoolSculpting along with a menu of other services, Bodify’s sole focus is on fat reduction. We look at the technology and the craft as an art form: the mastery of time, attention to detail and individualized care given with each treatment affects your mental, emotional and physical health. The art is evident in the beautiful transformation that takes shape for each client. Through experience Jessica and Melissa know how significant a private, personalized approach to fat reduction is for the individual and the positive impact made and shared after physical and emotional transformation occurs. With careful consideration Bodify was borne—where niche philosophy and artful technology meet to provide non-invasive, lasting fat reduction to support and strengthen perception of self.
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The vast majority of individuals have at least one area on their body that frustrates them and they would like to see less of. Although people really, really hate their fat and want it to go away, people always want to ensure any procedure they undergo is safe and effective and won’t cause them more trouble than their existing fat. Fortunately CoolSculpting Elite is FDA-cleared, non-surgical, no needles and totally non-invasive. There is little to no downtime and you can get back to daily activities right away. There are 100s of white papers written on CoolSculpting Elite and it is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology. As of 2019, the procedure has been done more than 8 million times and continues to gain momentum as it is safe, effective and allows individuals to contour, shape and sculpt their body in ways that diet and exercise have failed to do.

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest innovation in body contouring technology, and just  like the CoolSculpting you know and love, it freezes away stubborn body fat in  unwanted areas. However, Elite comes equipped with two applicators rather than  just one, both of which have been updated from the familiar U-shape cup to a  C-shape cup. This update makes it possible to treat up to four areas at a time and  promotes a more comfortable and effecting experience, amplifying results in the  longrun.

The fat freezing process behind CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite are one and  the same. The applicator(s) will chill your unwanted fat cells to a certain temperature  (around -9C) for a specific amount of time (35 to 75 minutes) and your body will tell  those fat cells to die without causing damage to any other cells in your body such as  nerve, skin or muscle cells. After the treatment ends, a 2-minute frozen fat massage  will damage those crystallized fat cells, so the body can’t repair them. These  damaged fat cells will die over a 2-3 day period, and then the dead fat cells will take  2-4 months to flush out of your body, leaving a more sculpted you! The skin is not  negatively compromised (no loose skin), and the results are beautiful and lasting.

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At Bodify we believe in transparency. For the vast majority of people CoolSculpting Elite is not painful or uncomfortable. However, there is a small subset of the population that do find discomfort both during the initial part of the treatment as the tissue cools, when we take the applicator off and do a 2 minute massage, and after the treatment is completed. For most it is nothing more than temporary stinging, tingling, cramping, and the short-lived sensation of pin pricks. If you happen to be the small percentage of people who find it uncomfortable, there is a medication that can be called in by our doctor to help minimize the discomfort. The discomfort happens when your nerve endings wake up in the days after the treatment. For most people this is not painful; for some it is. The medication is not a narcotic, but will help minimize the nerve pain. We communicate with our clients after the treatment and can easily be reached if the medication is necessary.

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CoolSculpting Elite is effective each and every time you do a treatment. Depending on body shape, size, which area(s) you are treating, and what final results you want, we can determine how many times you will want to do CoolSculpting Elite. We have 1000s of before and after photos of our own clients so it is very easy to show you results of those who look similar to you so you can determine which outcome is most attractive to you!

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We have many clients who are fit! Each and every person is in their own body and often regardless of if you have a lot of excess tissue or a small amount, you want it to change. CoolSculpting Elite can address large or small pockets equally as effectively. Often when you are very fit, the last little bit of stubborn fat is even tougher to get rid of. Spot reduction for those who are really lean is often very difficult and the wide range of applicator sizes allows us to address the areas that frustrate you, large or small, beautifully! Lean people often want to sculpt and contour and CoolSculpting Elite is perfect for that!

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CoolSculpting Elite is the perfect non-invasive fat-reduction solution for those who are struggling with diet and exercise resistant fat. Perhaps you are doing everything right in terms of exercise and nutrition but because of aging, genetics, or a whole slew of other factors, you just aren’t able to achieve the body changes you want. Or perhaps over the last several years or decades you feel you haven’t done your best and have packed on some additional weight and you’re hopeful to get back on the bandwagon and regain your confidence and body shape. In this scenario CoolSculpting Elite is also fabulous as those who do CoolSculpting Elite in conjunction with diet and exercise changes can truly experience massive body changes. If you are 5-25 pounds from a healthy weight and you are looking to sculpt, contour, reshape, resize, or debulk one or more areas of your body, CoolSculpting Elite could be the perfect solution!

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Absolutely! Fat cells do not discriminate. Whether you are male or female, if you struggle with pockets of fat on your body that seem to be exercise and diet resistant, or you are looking to jump start your new health, fitness, or nutrition routine, CoolSculpting Elite can help you get there. At Bodify we have a Man Cave so men can sit back, relax, and freeze their unwanted fat. Gone are the days of body sculpting only being for women; men feel the pressure to look and feel their best too. It’s about boosting your self-confidence and regaining a self-perception that is positive and a true reflection of who you are! CoolSculpting Elite is equally as effective on males and females.

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CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight loss procedure. Fat cells certainly take up a lot of space and have a lot of volume, but they don’t weigh very much. The opposite is true of muscle. Lean muscle weighs more than fat but doesn’t take up a ton of space. So although you won’t see the scale change if you do CoolSculpting Elite in isolation, you will see undeniable results. CoolSculpting Elite can sculpt, contour, reshape, resize, and debulk parts of your body that don’t care how many hours you put in at the gym or how well you eat. And if you are just starting a weight loss journey, CoolSculpting Elite can help you achieve your goals faster, stay on track and see changes that you can achieve with diet and exercise alone.

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Absolutely not. We have treated clients in their mid 80s and also those in their 20s. Good bad, right or wrong, how we feel in our own skin impacts how we operate in the world. So whether you are young or a more mature demographic, CoolSculpting Elite can help boost your self-confidence and enhance your self perception. Regardless of age, CoolSculpting Elite is effective. Depending on your age and skin laxity Bodify will have open and honest conversations with you so you will know if you may want to pursue skin tightening as well.

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This is a popular question and sometimes that answer isn’t clear cut. Both procedures will get rid of fat in a lasting one. Both procedures can dramatically improve your self-perception and confidence and both procedures are highly effective. The biggest difference we have found is that a huge percentage of people, although they hate their fat and want their body to change, are not willing to go under the knife or experience the potential side-effects that often come with liposuction. Downtime, bad outcomes, pain, and scarring are just a few of the things our CoolSculpting Elite clients often say they are not willing to endure. Each individual must ask themselves what they are looking to achieve and what they are willing to go through in order to get an outcome they are happy with now and long term.

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So many of our clients are moms. They love their children and have poured their hearts and souls into them. But what they are less than thrilled with is the impact the kids have had on their body, confidence and self-perception. Often mothers have a tough time regaining their pre-baby body no matter how hard they workout or how well they eat. Rather than continually beating themselves up, they look to CoolSculpting Elite to reshape, contour, sculpt and resize the area(s) of their bodies that changed during and after pregnancy. Fortunately CoolSculpting Elite works beautifully on fat regardless of if you are male, female, younger, older, mom or no mom. It will freeze away that stubborn fat and leave you with undeniable results you are thrilled with.

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A little known fact: by the time you are 9-13 years old the number of fat cells you have is set. That’s right, you have the same number of fat cells you did decades ago. Well, then why do you now have fat when then you didn’t? The fat cells expanded. When we gain weight our fat cells expand; we don’t make new ones. And when we lose weight our fat cells shrink; we don’t get rid of them. So when we use CoolSculpting Elite to freeze fat cells, they die and then over 2-4 months flush out of the body. We actually got rid of FAT CELLS and once that happens you will not remake them! However, you must do your part. You still have fat cells that can expand and give you the illusion that you “un did” your CoolSculpting Elite results. This is why it is important to continue with whatever you are doing (or if you are just starting to eat healthy and exercise, continue ramping that up) so you can appreciate the results for a lifetime.

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Many of our mom clients have had one or more C-sections. They are incredibly frustrated with the look of their abdomen and feel it is impossible to gain back their old body after a C-section. This can absolutely be true unless you get outside help from a technology like CoolSculpting Elite. Scarring and uneven pockets of fat on an abdomen can leave moms feeling badly about their shape, size and body. Fortunately, once the C-section scar has healed- we wait at least 6 months and breast-feeing has stopped (if you chose to breast feed), we can proceed with CoolSculpting Elite confidently and know we can reduce the excess fat around the abdomen that just won’t go away. We love sharing our own client before and after photos of moms with C-sections so you can see what type of results to expect on your own body!

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CoolSculpting Elite cost will boil down to 3 main factors. What area needs treating? How large is that area? How much fat needs to be reduced? Bodies are unique and not one size fits all, therefore your CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan will be unique to you. At Bodify, we are open and transparent and understand that you may want to know a range so you don’t waste your time. We’ve treated people for $600 and others for $15,000, a huge range, we know! One thing we can tell you, regardless of the cost of your treatment, we guarantee your results. Our consultations are always complimentary and pressure free. They are just an opportunity to map out your custom treatment plan, show you before and after photos and discover if CoolSculpting Elite is a good choice for you!

How much does CoolSculpting Elite cost?
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How does CoolSculpting Elite get rid of fat cells? With cold of course! The CoolSculpting Elite machine will chill your fat cells to a certain temperature for a specific amount of time and your body will tell that fat cell to die. Luckily a fat cell is much more intolerant to cold than other cells in your body. No other cells, such as nerve, skin or muscle cells are damaged. After the treatment a 2 minute massage will damage the crystallized fat cells so the body can’t repair them. The dead fat cells will take 2-4 months to flush out of your body – about a french fry of fat a day flushes out! The skin is not negatively compromised and results are beautiful and lasting. Once the fat cell is gone it is gone for good and will not come back!

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CoolSculpting Elite is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It is FDA-cleared, non-surgical and totally non-invasive. There is little to no downtime so you can get back to your daily activities right away. There are 100s of white papers written on CoolSculpting Elite. As of 2019, the procedure has been done more than 8 million times and continues to gain momentum as it is safe, effective and allows you to contour, shape and sculpt their body in ways that diet and exercise have failed to do. Regardless if you are eating well and very active and looking for small changes to your body or just starting your journey and need a little motivation to get you going, CoolSculpting Elite is ideal! Be Awesome!

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Often people think I’m not doing the right things, so CoolSculpting Elite isn’t right for me. The truth is, if you are just starting your healthy lifestyle journey, CoolSculpting Elite might be perfect. We often find that people need a little motivation, they are so tired of not seeing the changes they want, they’ve given up. Once they invest in their own body and start to see changes, they are inspired and motivated to stay on track! Come in for a consult and see if CoolSculpting Elite is right for you!

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CoolSculpting Elite is 30% about the technology and 70% about the technician. At Bodify we invest in our staff, our training and the art of CoolSculpting Elite. We feel this is critical and if your CoolSculpting Elite provider didn’t mention a guarantee, you should take a moment and pause? Why wouldn’t they? Do they not invest in their staff, have they not done enough treatments are they not convinced that their staff can map out the correct treatment plan that will give you the results you want! It’s your body and you’re about to invest in it, don’t you want to ensure you do it right?!

The truth is, as we age, our bodies begin to change. Things that seemed so easy to accomplish in our younger days, eventually become more difficult. One of the most challenging things people strive to do is lose weight as they get older. There are a variety of causes that can contribute to this struggle. The loss of muscle, a declining metabolism, and other factors can all play a role. Continue reading to discover how these influences can affect your weight loss journey!

Muscle Mass Declines with Age

Muscles contribute significantly to weight loss. The greater your muscle mass, the more calories you eliminate. In comparison to fat, your body burns more calories with muscles. So, having more muscles not only creates the appearance of a leaner body but also rids the body of fat. However, as you age, muscle mass declines through something called age-related sarcopenia. It results in decreased strength and muscle mass as you mature, and age-related sarcopenia is also supported by a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

A Slowing Metabolism Affects Weight

In addition to age-related muscle loss, your body’s metabolism also slows. Every decade following the age of 30, your metabolism begins to slow down by 1% to 2% or more. Thus, as you age, you will find that your body responds differently to your attempts at weight loss, and perhaps not in the ways you would like.

Increased Stress Levels Contribute to Weight Gain

As adults grow, we take on more obligations, and these responsibilities can cause stress. The more stressed you feel, the higher your levels of cortisol become. In moments of stress or even prolonged periods of it, your body released the hormone cortisol. It is the most present during dangerous, traumatic, or high-stress situations. With persistent stress and the continuous production of cortisol, this hormone can be deposited as fat cells throughout your body. Consequently, you will find it hard to lose weight and may even gain weight.

CoolSculpting Provides Results That Can Combat Extra Fat in Your Body

You are not alone in your struggle to lose weight as you age. Many older people face the same difficulties, but the causes behind this weight loss challenge are generally natural. Don’t give up. Though you might not see immediate results with proper diet and exercise to counteract weight fluctuations, these are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re looking for something new to get the body you’ve always wanted, there’s something you should try! It’s called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that is helping many people who are struggling with stubborn pockets of fat that have crept on over the years and are fighting hard not to go away. It is an FDA-cleared technique that freezes fat away, eliminating the unsightly appearance of fat deposits. For individuals fighting sculpt, contour, reshape or debulk, CoolSculpting could be perfect and provides substantial results that last forever. For more information on this procedure and how it can help you, contact us at Bodify. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to consult with you. We look forward to helping you reach your body confidence goals!

It’s a question asked by women in the health and wellness community for ages: Why can men lose weight quickly and change their bodies with ease? Why is it so hard for women to even drop a pound? Men seem to have the upper hand when it comes to weight loss and body changes. It seems so simple for them. Let’s find out some of the reasons why.

Is It Their Natural Physical Stature?

On average, men have much larger bodies than women with more muscle mass as well. This composition makes men’s bodies more suitable to burn calories with ease. Men generally have less body fat and far more muscles than women of similar age and weight. So, a man’s natural physical makeup partially accounts for his ability to burn calories faster and, therefore, lose weight at an expedited rate than a woman.

What About Men’s Hormones?

Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, also plays a role in men’s superior ability to lose weight quickly. This hormone supports muscle growth in the body, and in turn, those muscle tissues burn more calories. For women, high levels of estrogen encourage their bodies to hold on to weight. Overall, women carry 11 percent more body fat than men. Throughout their lives, women tend to store more body fat, which is indicated by their natural physiology: fat in prominent in the breasts, thighs, hips, and other parts of the body. Stores of fat are merely a representation of women’s biological makeup.

How Does Belly Fat Differ Between Men & Women?

When men gain weight, they tend to gain it in their abdominal areas. When they lose weight, they seem to trim down at their stomach first. For a woman, whose fat is usually dispersed all over her body, it is more difficult to pinpoint specific areas of weight loss. That is not to say weight loss is not happening, but it is typically less drastic and less noticeable, unfortunately.

So, What Does Weight Loss Mean for Women?

Weight loss is not impossible for women. But women shouldn’t expect to see radical results from adequate diet and exercises alone. Their rate of weight loss will come at a lower rate. Over more time, women can expect to see comparable weight loss results to those of men. Thus, losing a significant amount of weight or seeking to change one’s body is not an unattainable goal for women, but patience and consistency are key.

How Can CoolSculpting Get Women the Results They’re Looking for?

Although there are significant differences in how women lose weight versus men, there are alternatives that can accelerate your goals. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared and non-invasive procedure used to freeze away fat cells. With this process, stubborn fat is eliminated and results, so long as you maintain your lifestyle, are lasting! After your appointment, you can expect results in 2-4 months. For more information on this technique and how it can benefit you, contact Bodify.

Everyone is different, and all of the variations that come with being human will affect how each body responds to diet and exercise. A group of friends can work out together, doing the same routine and indulging in the same foods after, but they can end up with mixed results. How is this discrepancy possible? What causes it? Many factors contribute to how you as an individual lose or gain weight, and determining your body type can help you understand your best strategy for weight loss.

What Is Your Body Type & What Does It Mean?

Everyone’s body is unique, and you can easily notice this fact when you’re walking down the street. But everyone falls into a general body type category. A body type is not only indicative of a person’s build but also of their physiological responses to diet and exercise. Bodies are categorized into three types of body shapes: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. However, not everyone fits seamlessly into these categories; some people can have a combination of traits from two or all types. These physiques apply to both men and women, and they are:


This physique classification is characteristic of people who are lean and long, with a narrow chest, thin arms, and legs. These individuals generally find it hard to gain weight or build muscle mass, and their bodies have very little fat. They have high metabolisms, and despite what they consume or whether they exercise, it’s not too difficult for them to lose or maintain their weight and remain slim. So, if you have a friend who can continuously stay thin or in shape without trying, they probably fit into this category.


Mesomorphs typically display a physique that is strong and athletic. They gain weight or fat faster than ectomorphs, and their body shape is rectangular. For these individuals, gaining muscle and maintaining a fit body is quite easy. Working out in the gym and obtaining the desired results is quite natural as well.


People with an endomorph body type usually have a solid physique and are short in height. Unlike ectomorphs who are lean or mesomorphs who are athletically built, endomorphs have a soft round body. They have a slow metabolism, which causes them to gain weight and fat effortlessly. People who identify with characteristics of this category find it incredibly hard to lose weight.

CoolSculpting Elite Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape

Regardless of your body type and the general features you may exhibit, you are unique and might be unhappy with your body shape. You may be trying everything to get rid of fat pockets, big or small, and diet and exercise are no longer working. For people dealing with stubborn fat that just won’t go away, CoolSculpting Elite is an ideal and lasting solution. This safe and non-invasive procedure freezes away problematic fat for good! Reach your body shape goals sooner by seeing if CoolSculpting Elite is right for you. For more information on CoolSculpting Elite and how you can eliminate fat from your physique, contact us at Bodify.