At Bodify, as of July 2019 we have done 18,000 CoolSculpting treatments, that’s a lot of fat to freeze. We’ve seen so many people come in over the years that have been left with unimpressive or bad results.

The #1 common denominator is these individuals opted to make a decision about where they do their CoolSculpting based on price alone. Although we understand it can seem ok to price shop- the cost of picking the wrong provider is much more than just financial.

These people not only have to pay us to try and fix their result, but in some cases the damage is done and there is nothing we can do to rectify the bad outcome.

70% of your results are based on the provider you elect to use. CoolSculpting is an art and not every provider understands how to develop a treatment plan that gives you the desired, natural and good-looking results.

Intrinsically we all know cheap isn’t good, but sometimes in the heat of the moment we allow a cheaper provider to sway us. What we have found and seen time and again is providers that are willing to sell the CoolSculpting procedure for less are often compromising on other things that actually impact your outcome!

Like what you ask? Training and hiring the right people for one. You have to understand if someone is selling CoolSculpting for way less than other providers, this means they are making less money. When you make less money you often cut corners in who you hire, how much you train them, if you send them to be certified, etc. In addition, cheap CoolSculpting can mean ineffective treatment plans.

We have people who go to other places and things just don’t “feel right” or “add up.” When these people tell us what treatment plan was created for them, it’s scary. Not only will the person not get a result, but in some cases, the wrong applicators were elected or not enough were being used which leaves people with a visually unnatural results, potential indents, and peaks and valleys in fat that have to later be corrected or covered up.

So will you pay more to go to an office that has experience, guarantees your results, shows you their own client before and after photos, you bet! And in our humble opinion this is ok. You have one body and one opportunity to ensure you get feeling the best you can in your own skin. And if you opt for CoolSculpting, picking a provider that can get you there means the difference between a stunning result and a bad results.

Don’t be fooled by Groupon and discount providers, it’s just not worth it!