Bodify is the top CoolSculpting Elite provider in Phoenix (actually, in the entire state of Arizona!), and we’ve built our practice on a commitment to health and wellness. We simply love helping both men and women look and feel their best. To date, we have performed over 23,000 CoolSculpting treatments, and we have no intention of slowing down anytime soon! Especially now that we can proudly offer CoolSculpting eliteCoolSculpting Elite to all of our clients, which delivers quicker and more dramatic results (check out: CoolSculpting Vs. CoolSculpting Elite for more info). 

Considering that we’ve met with thousands and thousands of clients over the years, we’ve noticed something pretty awesome- our clients inspire us! Most of the men and women we meet are dedicated to living healthy lifestyles and making the most out of life, and we are always humbled to be able to help them reach their goals faster. We know it’s the start of a new year, and that means a fresh commitment to being fit and healthy. Luckily, in this modern world, there are a growing number of apps to help hold people accountable when it comes to eating well and tracking workouts! If you need a little motivation or simply like tracking all of your hard work, here are some of our top picks for fitness apps that can help you commit and nurture your healthiest self.

Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

Whether you’re looking to start a new workout plan or you want to start tracking your progress a bit more, we’ve got you covered! These apps can monitor your progress, help you count calories, and can keep you motivated. Let’s go!

  • 8fit: 8fit is a colorful, fun app that combines on-demand workouts and meal planning, truly built for people who like/need a lot of guidance, reminders, instructions, and suggestions. According to 8fit head coach Marife Sanvictores, “8fit was designed to be the simplest, most custom way to achieve healthy habits for life.” We love that it’s completely customizable – 8fit takes into consideration alllll the details when creating your personalized plan: what time of day you like to work out, what your specific goals are, how ambitious you are in the kitchen, etc. Specific, customizable, and motivating – it’s a win with us!
  • MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal always tops the charts, especially for people who want a simple way to track their macros (the distribution of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins consumed). The app lets you set goals, track meals (including those macros plus nutrients and water intake), exercise, progress photos, measurements, and more. The MyFitnessPal food database has thousands of pre-programmed foods you find at the grocery store or when dining out, so it’s literally fool-proof for anyone committed to making better food choices. 
  • Charity Miles: If you knew your physical activity supports charitable causes like the ASPCA, St. Jude’s, Unicef, the Wounded Warrior Project, or Habitat for Humanity, would you be more inclined to get moving? When you use Charity Miles to log miles running, walking, or bicycling, corporate sponsors agree to donate a few cents for every mile you complete. Plus, you can use the app to run pledge drives, which can be an amazing team-building activity for any workplace, kids sports team or club, or really for any reason. If you’re a big fan of Peloton or other stationary bikes like we are, Charity Miles can be synced with Strava and your indoor bike miles will count for your cause!
  • Nike Training Club: This app has workouts on-demand that are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long, and is a perfect option if you’re looking for more challenging workouts. The Nike Training Club coaches  provide the workouts with video tutorials and tips. What’s especially cool is that Nike has made the Premium content free to everyone because of the COVID-19 pandemic! If you’re a runner, it’s worth noting that there’s also a Nike Run Club app which tracks your routes, pace, and calories burnt. Both apps have social features so you can compete with friends, coaching, and music playback so you can listen to your own music. 

CoolSculpting Elite Supports Your Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re committed to staying active and eating well, our CoolSculpting Elite technology is designed to help you reach your goals. At Bodify, we believe in what we do because it changes lives – we love being able to help people gain confidence and grow into the best possible versions of themselves. Our entire team believes that when our clients feel more confident and healthy, inside and out, they go on to make the world a better place.  We can’t wait to freeze you!  Let’s talk about your goals.