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Welcome to Bodify! We are a top-rated coolsculpting medspa in Phoenix and Scottsdale. We invite you to come check us out, and you can find out information on our blog about non-invasive treatments right here on our blog!

What Happens During a CoolSculpting Elite Consultation?

Bodify has two beautiful medspa locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and we take pride in being known as the Valley of the Sun’s CoolSculpting Elite experts. As the number one provider in Arizona and fourth in the nation, we’ve performed over 30,000 CoolSculpting treatments which means we meet with [...]

Botched CoolSculpting Elite? Not at Bodify!

There are no better options out there for body contouring and fat reduction than CoolSculpting Elite, and there’s no better provider in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas than Bodify. Bodify exclusively offers CoolSculpting Elite, unlike other providers who try to be a “jack of all trades,” and we have [...]

How Long Does CoolSculpting Elite Last?

You lead a healthy, active lifestyle, but there’s a few fat bugles or “trouble spots” that keep you from feeling like your most confident self.  So, you start researching options for non-invasive fat reduction or removal and quickly discover that CoolSculpting Elite tops all of the lists for most [...]

What’s the Difference Between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite?

Even if you lead an active, healthy lifestyle, you may still be frustrated with pockets of stubborn fat in certain areas of your body.  At Bodify, we’ve spent years helping both men and women from Phoenix and Scottsdale feel more confident with CoolSculpting, the revolutionary fat-freezing technology that’s worlds [...]

Double Chin!? Freeze That Fat Away with CoolSculpting Elite

It’s perfectly normal to have some excess fat on your body, and whether you choose to embrace it or target it is completely up to you. At Bodify, a premier medical spa with two locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, most of our  clients are actually healthy, active men and [...]

Recovery Time After CoolSculpting Elite

If you’re exploring your options for lasting fat reduction, we commend you for doing your research to see what treatment might be the best option for you. One of the common inquiries we get at Bodify is “what is recovery time like after CoolSculpting Elite?,” and it’s an understandable [...]

Why CoolSculpting Elite Doesn’t Leave You With Sagging Skin

As the best CoolSculpting Elite provider in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, Bodify meets with a lot of men and women who want an effective way to get rid of stubborn fat. Many are curious if CoolSculpting Elite is the solution they’ve been looking for, and what results they [...]

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