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Welcome to Bodify! We are a top-rated coolsculpting medspa in Phoenix and Scottsdale. We invite you to come check us out, and you can find out information on our blog about coolsculpting applicators right here on our blog!

Botched CoolSculpting Elite? Not at Bodify!

There are no better options out there for body contouring and fat reduction than CoolSculpting Elite, and there’s no better provider in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas than Bodify. Bodify exclusively offers CoolSculpting Elite, unlike other providers who try to be a “jack of all trades,” and we have [...]

What’s the Difference Between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite?

Even if you lead an active, healthy lifestyle, you may still be frustrated with pockets of stubborn fat in certain areas of your body.  At Bodify, we’ve spent years helping both men and women from Phoenix and Scottsdale feel more confident with CoolSculpting, the revolutionary fat-freezing technology that’s worlds [...]

How Many Times Can You Do CoolSculpting Elite?

Our experience as one of the nation’s top CoolSculpting Elite providers has shown us that nearly everyone has stubborn fat that won’t budge, regardless of diet and exercise. Since we opened our doors in 2015, we’ve met with countless men and women from Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas [...]

The CoolSculpting Elite Price is ‘Too Good To Be True’

If The Price of CoolSculpting Elite Seems “Too Good To Be True” – It Probably Is! CoolSculpting Elite, offered by Bodify, is an amazing technology that freezes fat away. When used properly, CoolSculpting Elite helps men and women get beautiful, lasting, and noticeable results.  At Bodify, we are the [...]

How COOL is CoolSculpting Elite? The Coolest.

Surely you’ve heard of CoolSculpting since it’s been around for over a decade, and hopefully you’ve heard of the newest, most-updated technology available - CoolSculpting Elite. As CoolSculpting Elite providers with clients all over Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas, the team at Bodify is profoundly proud of the [...]

CoolSculpting Elite: Before And After Photos

When it comes to body-contouring and fat-reduction, people always want to see the “Before and After” photos. Bodify opened its doors in 2015, and we have performed over 24,000 fat-freezing treatments at our two beautiful Phoenix-area locations, so we have a HUGE collection of real client photos (and testimonials) [...]

CoolSculpting Elite: Prepare for Tank Top Season

It’s Tank Top Season! CoolSculpting Elite Can Help You Be Ready! To anyone who lives outside of Phoenix, the presumption is that we have tank top weather 365 days a year! However, for us true Phoenicians, we know that March signals the start of Spring Training which means warmer [...]

He Donated His Love Handles to Science!

As the top Phoenix CoolSculpting medical spa, we’ve performed over 24,000 CoolSculpting treatments since we opened our doors in 2015. That means we’ve met with a LOT of men and women who have needed a little assistance in targeting their stubborn fat, and we are always so thankful to [...]

What’s The BIG Deal About CoolSculpting Elite?

Good things come in small packages, right? Wrong! At least not when it comes to CoolSculpting Elite and non-invasive body contouring! You see, Bodify has been exclusively assessing (along with only 9 other providers nationwide) the innovative CoolSculpting Elite devices for months and months, and this new technology is [...]

CoolSculpting Elite = Better, Faster Results

In October of 2020, Bodify was selected to be one of only 10 CoolSculpting providers in the entire nation to test out the newest non-invasive fat reduction technology available, CoolSculpting Elite. Why was Bodify selected to be an Elite provider? Well, because we were already an elite provider! Since [...]

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