who’s an ideal coolsculpting candidateSo, you’ve heard about non-surgical CoolSculpting, an amazing fat-freezing technology that can sculpt nearly any part of the body. At Bodify, we know how amazing CoolSculpting results can be, as we’ve proudly performed over 23,000 CoolSculpting treatments to date, making us Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider. It’s a distinction we are proud of because we truly love helping both men and women look and feel their best! CoolSculpting may not be the right choice for everyone, and some people certainly make better candidates for CoolSculpting than others. 

Who’s An Ideal CoolSculpting Candidate?

If you’ve considered CoolSculpting as a way to target stubborn fat, here are a few signs that you would be an excellent candidate!


  • You’re close to your “ideal” weight. CoolSculpting does target unwanted fat, and people can usually expect to lose up to 20% of the unwanted fat from the area targeted by the CoolSculpting applicator.  However, CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment, especially for people who need to lose a great deal of weight. Most ideal CoolSculpting candidates are actually within 5-40 pounds of their ideal weight for their height.
  • You’re healthy and active! At Bodify, most of our clients are healthy men and women who eat well and are active. Our experience has shown us that even the healthiest people simply have some part of their body they’d like to feel more confident about, and that’s where CoolSculpting comes in. CoolSculpting is non-invasive, and there’s typically little to no downtime following a CoolSculpting treatment. Some patients report itching and swelling, but that can depend on what area of the body was treated.
  • You’ve got enough fat to treat. CoolSculpting freezes fat, so ideal candidates need enough fat to freeze! And, not all fat is created equally. People have two distinct types of fat in our bodies: subcutaneous fat (the kind that may roll over the waistband of your pants) and visceral fat (the stuff that lines your organs and is associated with diabetes and heart disease). CoolSculpting works best on subcutaneous fat, and the general rule of thumb of what makes someone a good candidate for targeting subcutaneous fat is if they are able to grab and pinch an inch. 
  • You’re not interested in “going under the knife.” Alternatives to CoolSculpting include plastic surgery options like liposuction, and many people aren’t willing to undergo a major procedure like liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat. Liposuction, like any surgery, can have drastic side effects, such as negative reactions to anesthesia, infection, internal puncture, blood clots, or other serious complications. Plus, pain, swelling, and bruising are common for weeks following liposuction, and a patient will need to schedule time off work and wait for at least a few weeks before resuming exercise or strenuous activity. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you (and it shouldn’t!), then CoolSculpting may be your best option!
  • coolsculpting the worthwhile financial investment for body transformationYou understand how CoolSculpting works! Excellent CoolSculpting candidates understand the process of freezing fat, how the treatment works, what to expect when coming in for a CoolSculpting session, and what to expect when it comes to the results. At Bodify, your certified CoolSculpting technician will target your stubborn areas of fat with a controlled applicator that will chill your fat cells to a very cool -9°C for a specific amount of time (sometimes as few as 35 minutes!). Fat cells simply don’t like the cold, so the controlled cooling of your fat cells to such a freezing temperature will cause your body to tell them to die and they will become crystallized. Your body will naturally flush those crystallized fat cells in about 1-4 months, leaving a more sculpted you. Understanding this process, which is always thoroughly explained during every free consultation with Bodify, makes someone an excellent candidate for CoolSculpting!

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