CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss method, but definitely helps both men and women feel more confident in their skin. There are plenty of reasons why people opt for non-surgical CoolSculpting, and it’s usually because there’s some part of their body that needs a little extra help. At Bodify, most of our clients are people who work out consistently and eat well, and many are people who have had success losing weight by turning to a healthy, active lifestyle. However, there can still be stubborn pockets of fat on the body that won’t budge no matter how much someone works out or how consistently they eat well, and it can undoubtedly be frustrating to not feel confident in your skin. The benefits of CoolSculpting extend beyond just physical, as there are emotional pain points that can be alleviated by feeling better and more confident in your own skin with CoolSculpting. 

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Developed by scientists and physicians, CoolSculpting is a body-contouring treatment in which fat cells are frozen with a controlled applicator. During a treatment session at one of Bodify’s two beautiful locations, a certified, expert CoolSculpting technician will chill your fat cells to a freezing –9°C for a specific amount of time, and then your body will naturally flush those frozen, “dead” fat cells from your body in about 1-4 months. It’s non-invasive, and there’s little-to-no downtime, and the controlled applicators can be used to reduce visible fat bulges in the flank (those “love handles”), submental (under the chin) and submandibular (under the jawline) areas, thighs, and abdomen, along with a reduction in bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll) and upper arms.


What Are the Emotional Benefits of CoolSculpting?

Whether you’re someone who has always maintained a healthy weight, or someone who has recently experienced significant weight loss, it can be frustrating to have parts of your body that make you self-conscious. Since Bodify has performed over 22,000 CoolSculpting treatments to date, we have met with a lot of men and women from aroundcoolsculpting expect the Valley who share those same frustrations with stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise alone! We’re not psychologists, but we can speak from our experience and the many conversations we’ve had with people over the years – nearly everyone has a part of their body that they want to target with CoolSculpting, and often it’s because of the emotional benefits of doing so. 

We understand the perception – many people think CoolSculpting is purely a vanity issue, but that is truly a narrow assessment. For many people, it’s not just about looking their best, it’s about feeling their best. In Phoenix, it’s swimsuit season year-round, but beyond just looking good in a bathing suit, many people want to feel good in their clothes too! Stubborn bulges of fat can prevent people from feeling confident in their favorite clothes, and can even make people avoid social interactions. By taking advantage of non-invasive CoolSculpting, you can target those parts of your body that make you self-conscious, and that can help alleviate emotional pain points of not feeling your best. Committing to body-contouring CoolSculpting helps improve body image, boosts self-esteem, and makes men and women simply feel happier, which can have endless benefits, both personally and professionally. At Bodify, we believe in both the physical and mental benefits of CoolSculpting, and have always been committed to helping our clients look and feel their best. 

Who’s a Good CoolSculpting Candidate?

Once again, CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss solution! Most ideal CoolSculpting candidates are actually within 5-40 pounds of their ideal weight for their height. If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and whether you’re a good candidate, visit Bodify’s Am I A Candidate for CoolSculpting? page to answer some simple questions. When you’re ready, reach out to the Bodify team for a complimentary consultation, and get all your questions answered! Never any pressure, never any judgment- just a conversation about your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!