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Tip #1: Critical Components Of Your E-Newsletter

Critical components of your e-Newsletter: Subject Line, Content and Call to Action The Low Down: Our clients are busy people.  And then they sit down to their computers only to find a cacophony of spam and clutter.  Want to break through?  Let’s start with a catchy subject line.  Research has shown that the right subject […]

Tip #2: Always Lead With Honesty & Integrity

Always Lead With Honesty and Integrity: take an “area” off the table The Low Down: Research has shown that 90% of people buy from people they trust.  Therefore, the name of the game is to build trust and rapport. Being honest with someone about each area that creates frustration for them will go a long […]

Tip #3: Cluster Appointments

Cluster your appointments, especially when you are new! The Low Down: Think about it like this:  A new restaurant opens.  You decide to give it a try and you’re the only one there.  Does that make you excited about trying the food?  Now… think about this scenario.  You go into a new restaurant… first thing […]

Tip #4: Decrease The No Show Rate

Decrease no show rate. The Low Down: Nobody likes a no-show.  You set time aside in your day… the least they can do is show up… right?  And of course, everyone honors their word to be there… and to be there on time.  Riiiight. The fact is, a recent survey found that 15-20% of the […]

Tip #6: Get The Prospect To Open His/Her Wallet

Get the prospect to open his/her wallet The Low Down: Big purchases can be daunting.  Think about big purchases in your own life… a house, a car, an elective surgery… Imagine if someone told you, “we understand these decisions can be hard.  Let’s do this. Instead of buying the whole house, we’ll sell you just […]

Tip #5: Treat All Staff Members

Treat all your staff members. The Low Down: Have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked the server what’s good here?  Sometimes they say “everything is good.”  But worse… sometimes they say, “I don’t know, I don’t eat here.”  Yes, that really happens.  How about this scenario.  You go into a massage clinic.  You […]

Tip #7: Send A Thank You Card To Every Client

Every client gets a hand-written card. The Low Down: The details matter.  And the small details make big differences. A 2010 US Postal Service survey said the average home receives a personal letter only once every 7 weeks… SEVEN WEEKS!  And that was in 2010.  Our guess is that it’s even more now. If this […]

Tip #8: Texting Is A Powerful Strategy

Implement texting as a strategy to set consults and close prospects who didn’t buy. The Low Down: Texting is just the way of the world now.  Texts are responded to much faster and far more frequently than emails or calls. On average, less than 10 seconds pass before a person responds to a text. People […]

Tip #9: Send Out A Monthly E-Newsletter

Send out a monthly e-newsletter The Low Down: Two words:  Connection and Repurchase.   Your customers are busy people.  The most important thing and business can be is top of mind.  How do you get top of mind?  It’s easy… you should be constantly in front of them.  Sure… a TV commercial or billboard will do […]

Tip #10: If A Prospect Doesn’t Buy, Send A Personalized Email

If a prospect doesn’t buy during the consult, send a personalized email.   The Low Down: Moving forward with CoolSculpting, for many, is a big deal both financially and emotionally. People want to feel as if they are making a great decision and that the company they move forward with views them as person not […]

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