Can CoolSculpting Help Me Look My Best This Holiday Season?

When the holiday season approaches, there are typically countless parties and gatherings people want to look and feel their best for and as Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider, Bodify understands. The holidays are obviously going to look a little different this year with the restrictions on large gatherings and [...]

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and at Bodify, we know it’s easy to get swept up in the festivities and make unhealthy choices! After an unprecedented year full of uncertainty and stress, we all want to spend the season with our loved ones celebrating with feasts and cocktails. When [...]

Who’s An Ideal CoolSculpting Candidate?

So, you’ve heard about non-surgical CoolSculpting, an amazing fat-freezing technology that can sculpt nearly any part of the body. At Bodify, we know how amazing CoolSculpting results can be, as we’ve proudly performed over 23,000 CoolSculpting treatments to date, making us Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider. It’s a distinction [...]

The Emotional Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss method, but definitely helps both men and women feel more confident in their skin. There are plenty of reasons why people opt for non-surgical CoolSculpting, and it’s usually because there’s some part of their body that needs a little extra help. At Bodify, most [...]

Why Provider Choice Matters

Bodify is proud of our long-time reign as Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider. We’ve worked hard to build a thriving, successful business, and it didn’t happen by luck! As the elite CoolSculpting provider in Arizona (and fourth in the nation!), we’ve performed over 22,000 CoolSculpting treatments to date, and [...]

Why Bodify Won’t Compromise Their Word & Match CoolSculpting Pricing

We have done over 18,000 treatments since 2019. We knew from the get go, when were entered into the wonderful world of non-invasive fat-reduction, that there would be providers who dedicated themselves to their clients, their results, and doing right by the technology and the industry. And there would [...]

Is CoolSculpting Vain? Shouldn’t I Just Be Happy In My Skin?

This is such a great question and one we see people internally wrestle with. Of course we sell CoolSculpting, in fact we are the #1 provider in AZ based on number of freeze freezing treatments we’ve done (yup we’ve transformed a lot of bodies with this amazing non-invasive fat [...]

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