We have done over 18,000 treatments since 2019. We knew from the get go, when were entered into the wonderful world of non-invasive fat-reduction, that there would be providers who dedicated themselves to their clients, their results, and doing right by the technology and the industry. And there would be those who simply would compete on price, compromise on results, and cut corners in every way they can.

Every provider who offers CoolSculpting has given their word and sometimes even signed documents that state we will not advertise CoolSculpting under a certain price. While most providers follow this rule, behind closed doors many opt to discount even farther to win business.

At Bodify we believe how you do anything is how you do everything. We gave our word to an organization and signed a document that we would not advertise CoolSculpting under a certain price and we opt to keep our integrity and not go against our word.

While some don’t appreciate this approach, our clients love that we stand for something and won’t go back on our word even if it means not closing a deal and freezing more fat.

We love what we do and feel it is an art. We have worked hard to build our business and become a highly respected and successful CoolSculpting practice (in fact we are the #1 account in AZ based on number of treatments performed). We love our clients and the results we get them and we also love and respect Allergan, the owner of the CoolSculpting technology and always promise to do right by them and honor our agreements with them☺

We truly hope our prospects resonate with our approach and know that if you want the best CoolSculpting you must elect to a provider that has experience, keeps their word, knows how you create treatment plans that are effective, and stand behind their work with a guarantee!

We can’t wait to freeze your fat!