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Feeling Stuck with Fat Loss? Add CoolSculpting Elite to Your Arsenal

Feeling stuck when it comes to losing weight and getting rid of fat? We’ve all been there! It can be incredibly frustrating to not see changes or get the results you want, especially when you’ve put in effort and changed habits. Bodify is a boutique medical spa with two [...]

Fighting Fat As You Age With CoolSculpting Elite

Fighting Fat As You Age With CoolSculpting Elite Have you been eating well and exercising, and still not seeing the results you want? Even when you’ve never really had a problem before?  Well, your age may be the reason. As we age, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain [...]

Why is CoolSculpting Elite the #1 Fat Reduction Technology? Let us count the ways!

Why is CoolSculpting Elite the #1 Fat Reduction Technology? Let us count the ways! There are plenty of options out there for fat reduction or body contouring, but there’s only one technology that reigns supreme! CoolSculpting Elite is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction technology because it works. Bodify [...]

Dispelling MORE Myths About CoolSculpting Elite

Dispelling Even More Myths About CoolSculpting Elite  No doubt you’ve heard about CoolSculpting Elite, which means you’ve probably heard some criticisms that made you raise an eyebrow. We get it - by nature, most humans are skeptical, especially when something sounds too good to be true. First, let us [...]

Does CoolSculpting Elite Target Back Fat?

Is it time to put your back fat behind you, for good? As CoolSculpting Elite experts serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the entire Valley of the Sun, Bodify has met with thousands and thousands of men and women who are insecure about their back and bra fat and are desperate [...]

How to Choose the Best CoolSculpting Elite Provider

Bodify is proud to be the number one CoolSculpting Elite provider in all of Arizona, and also to reign as fourth in the nation. We have performed more than 25,000 CoolSculpting treatments since we opened our doors in 2015, more than anyone else in the state, so we certainly [...]

CoolSculpting Elite = Fat Reduction That Works!

Everyone wants less fat on their body, right!? Right! At Bodify, we have performed over 24,000 non-invasive fat-freezing treatments since 2015, so we know a lot about unwanted fat and how to get rid of it.  A common misconception is that CoolSculpting Elite is for people who are unhealthy [...]

Fat Reduction Beyond CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest and most innovative version of CoolSculpting, which has been trusted for years as the number one non-invasive fat-reducing technology available. Bodify was proudly selected to be the first and (and is still the only) provider in Arizona to have the new CoolSculpting Elite devices, [...]

It’s Tank Top Season! CoolSculpting Elite Can Help You Be Ready!

To anyone who lives outside of Phoenix, the presumption is that we have tank top weather 365 days a year! However, for us true Phoenicians, we know that March signals the start of Spring Training which means warmer weather and the official beginning of Tank Top Season, which usually [...]

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