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It’s Wedding Season Again! Get in Shape with Body Sculpting 85018

It’s wedding season again! Whether you’re a bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom, a guest, or the
star of the show, you want to look your best. Naturally, every woman wants to look and feel beautiful,
especially on such a milestone day. If your confidence is down because of the reflection in the mirror,
body sculpting 85018 can help. This noninvasive solution trims and tones the tough spots that make
clothing selection difficult. And knowing which dress looks best on your body is a huge help as well.

Body Sculpting 85018

Bat wings, back fat, muffin tops, and tummy trouble spots are common culprits for “ugh” factor in the
fitting room mirror. Body sculpting 85018 is ideal for toning up those stubborn areas without surgery.
Even if your wedding invitation is already in hand, you still have time to visit Bodify so you can look
picture perfect for the big day.

While there’s no downtime with body sculpting, it can take 2 to 4 months to see full results. As soon as
possible before the big day, treat the spots that will help you look and feel amazing in your dress. The
sooner you have a body sculpting treatment, the sooner you’ll see results.

If the wedding is 6 months out or longer, you’ll have time to tone up before you visit the dress shop or
buy that say-yes dress. Take care of your trouble spots before you shop, and you won’t have to limit
your choices to dresses that hide them.

Our best dress advice: Time your treatment to take full advantage of your results with body sculpting

Choose a Dress That Flatters Your Body Shape


You may like sophisticated sheath silhouettes, but they can make curvy figures appear unbalanced.
Instead, try a flirty, form-fitting, trumpet-style or mermaid dress to really show off those curves.

If you have a large chest, be cautious of an empire waist, which could over-emphasize that area.
Sweetheart necklines are your best bet for enhancing your
natural gifts.


Say “yes” to ball gowns that create some subtle curves and sheath-style dresses that are chic and oh-so-
flattering on you by hugging your body in all the right places. Watch out for dropped-waist dresses that can make you look boxy.

If you have well-defined shoulders, go for it with a halter neckline. Try a sweetheart neckline to create a bit of an illusion of a larger bust, or embrace the figure you have with a scoop neckline or plunging v-neck only you can pull off.
Ball gowns can drown your small frame, so if you’ve been dreaming of that Disney princess look, choose carefully. Opt for a form-fitting sheath or empire-waist dress, both of which add visual length. A scoop neckline is best for petite shapes. Off-the-shoulder dresses not only flatter but will draw the eye upward toward your gorgeous face.


At a loss altogether? Try an A-line dress that flatters nearly everyone’s body shape.

Just remember: The only one who should wear white to the wedding is the bride.

Get Your Wedding Body with Body Sculpting 85018

No matter what role you’ll play in the upcoming nuptials, you can look your best. And Bodify can help.
Schedule your initial consultation to learn more and set realistic goals for the big day.
We’ll help you every step along the way!