make you shine

My beautiful and only daughter was getting married, and I wanted to look my best at the wedding. With only six months to get in shape, I needed a little help.

Time Flies

Thirty years ago when I had my daughter, her wedding day seemed worlds away. Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine it. There were the early years in pre-school and then elementary, watching her learn to play piano and study ballet. Then high school with boyfriends and driving in cars while I stayed up until I heard her key in the door. Soon after, there was college when she made her father and me so proud as we faced our empty nest.

Through those years, I was happy to have been there for her at home. I worked part time and kept physically active. We would all hike together as a family and took vacations scuba diving and exploring South America. One Christmas, she came home with her longtime boyfriend and announced their engagement. We were thrilled! The wedding would be in six months before they headed to London to begin their new life abroad.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

With so much planning to do in a relatively short amount of time, we had to get organized. We started dress shopping right away. Of course, my daughter was the focus as the bride, but I wanted to look my best too. After all, we would soon be seeing family and friends that I’d not seen in several years.

I has always been in good shape all throughout my 40s, but as I entered my mid-50s, my body started to change and keeping slim took more energy and effort. I had gained about 20 pounds and now my clothes were fitting tighter than I wanted them to be.

I didn’t really notice how the weight had crept up on me until we started looking for a dress. There was a beautiful blue silk cocktail dress that I knew would be perfect, but when I tried it on, it showed way too many bulges in the wrong places and I was crushed. My daughter suggested Spanx, but this was beyond tummy control. I wanted it gone.

I Bought the Dress

So I bought the dress anyway with a promise to myself that it would look great in six months. It was a risk, I know, but also a good challenge and motivation.

Making Small Changes

One change I made early on to help me lose weight was to cut out sugar. I had heard for years that eliminating sugar from your diet was a sure way to shed pounds. Also, as an older woman, I knew it would be a beneficial health change for my aging body.

The extra calories from sugar turn directly to fat in the body, and fat was stopping me from getting into my blue dress. That move really did help, and partnered with increasing my exercise and yoga, I was able to lose about 12 pounds. I was getting closer but so was the big day, and no matter what I did, I could not target some belly bulge or the backs of my arms.

And then I heard about CoolSculpting and it changed everything.

Not Sure—at First

A good friend who was my age also had similar issues when her son was married last year. Like me, she had never been through cosmetic surgery or had Botox or fillers. It was just not our style since we preferred the natural look.

When she told me about CoolSculpting and how the process freezes body fat, I was hesitant. But knowing my friend and knowing how conservative she is, I had to keep an open mind. Then she told me that the process is completely non-invasive and FDA cleared, and I became more interested. It sounded almost too good to be true. With my blue dress in mind, I decided to at least get the consultation to see what this was all about.

Nothing to Lose—Except Fat!

When I walked into Bodify, it was like being at a spa—not a medical center—and certainly it didn’t look like a fat-freezing laboratory from a sci-fi movie! I met with Jessica, and she showed me a video that explained the process. She assured me it was safe, as this was my main concern about having the treatment.

I was so convinced and at ease that I signed up right there for my first treatment. She targeted the backs of my arms and the little bulge at my waist during that session. Then I went home and told my husband all about it. He was happy to see me feeling hopeful about my progress.

The Big Day Approached

It was a week before the wedding, and I hadn’t tried on my blue dress yet. I knew that it was time. Jessica told me that it could take up to four months to see the full results, so I was prepared to go dress shopping again.

To my surprise, the dress zipped up the side and my bulges were almost gone! My arms looked and felt slimmer under the light fabric, and I was comfortable. With a little help from Spanx, I finally looked the way had envisioned when I bought the dress.

Later in the day, my daughter and I went to her final dress fitting and the seamstress noted how alike we looked. That made us both smile.

Down the Aisle

Watching my husband walk my daughter down the aisle was one of the best moments of my life. Feeling confident in my body certainly helped me focus on what was most important that day: being with family and friends celebrating love.

My blue dress was a hit, and I am happy with all the photographs of myself in it! I emailed Jessica at Bodify and told her the good news. Then I booked my next treatment so that I can wear my bikini! This summer, my husband I are going on a second honeymoon of our own, and we’re both excited.

I can’t thank the team at Bodify enough for giving me my body back. I am so glad I tried something new at my age and highly recommend this to all the mothers of the bride out there!

If you have an upcoming wedding or event at which you want to look your best, maybe it’s time to explore CoolSculpting. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.