seasons in PhoenixWell, it’s finally arrived: the season that we can’t call summer in Phoenix. It’s not winter as others know it, but we can’t call it fall or spring either. So what do you call this time of year when the daytime highs are in the 70s, and at night it cools down to the 30s? We call it a slice of heaven, although it’s probably technically winter in the desert. And cooler temps call for winter activities that will keep you busy and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Perfect Temperatures for Winter Activities

It’s been unseasonably warm during the past few months, so it’s nice to see the thermometer failing to rise above 80ºF. While you can be outside almost year round in the early hours of morning, when temperatures are this amazing, winter activities can happen anytime of the day.

If you prefer to bundle up, leave the house when the sun comes up and enjoy a brisk morning walk. If you like the warmer temperatures, an afternoon bike ride may be just the thing. And if you can’t choose, start a hike just before the sun goes down and plan for a cool return trip. The options are endless, and the fun is just beginning.

hiking in ArizonaHiking: Arizona’s Big Draw

Arizona arguably has some of the best hiking trails in the nation, and in the winter months, they are perfect to visit morning, noon, and night. Try an app like to search for an appropriate trek based on length and difficulty.

Remember that many newbies and visitors to our fair state often bite off more than they can chew when it comes to hiking. Even the seemingly simple Pinnacle Peak offers its fair share of challenges in its four miles. Hikes close to resorts, such as those in the McDowell Mountain range and Camelback, tend to attract out-of-towners who think they can just mosey up and down a trail without adequate supplies. Be smart: carry enough water, wear supportive shoes, and don a silly-looking hat. You’ll be glad you did.

biking in ArizonaBiking: When You Want a Challenge

Since most streets across the Phoenix metro area offer bike lanes, you can travel miles doing your sightseeing from two wheels. If you want to increase your effort—and results—tackle one of the hiking trails in town. Most are bike friendly, and you have your choice of rocky and hilly or flat and smooth. Bikers often gravitate to South Mountain Park, the largest municipal park in the US, which boasts 16,000 acres.

If you plan to bike, you still need the right equipment. In addition to your bike, be sure to wear a sturdy helmet and pack plenty of water. A good bike bag with equipment to fix anything that goes wrong is also a smart choice.

Walk the Festivals

When the weather cools down in the Phoenix area, festivals pop up all over the place. Between the Tempe Festival of the Arts and Glendale Glitters, there are seemingly hundreds of other choices. You could be out walking a few miles every weekend and not even notice the exercise just with festivals. Visit Phoenix offers a list of activities to keep you busy year round.

A bonus with festivals is that you can take the kids along with you! And remember the dogs as well. Festivals are a great way to spend the day with the whole family.

Reach Your Goals with CoolSculpting

While we tend to think of summer as the time when people will see more of our bodies because of swimsuits and such, in Phoenix, we often are outside as much in the winter. Perhaps even more! That means you’ll want the body to get you where you’re going and look great doing it.

CoolSculpting is the answer. And Bodify is Phoenix’s premier CoolSculting boutique. With more than 12,000 procedures to our credit, we know what we’re doing. And our clients enjoy the results. In less than an hour, you can be in and out of our office with fewer fat cells. What a perfect way to spend your lunch break. Tomorrow, you can take a walk during lunch knowing you’re doing your body well.

Contact us to learn how to start your journey.