lose weightWhy It Becomes Harder to Change Our Bodies and Lose Weight as We Age?

The truth is, as we age, our bodies begin to change. Things that seemed so easy to accomplish in our younger days, eventually become more difficult. One of the most challenging things people strive to do is lose weight as they get older.

There are a variety of causes that can contribute to this struggle. The loss of muscle, a declining metabolism, and other factors can all play a role. Continue reading to discover how these influences can affect your weight loss journey!

Muscle Mass Declines with Age

Muscles contribute significantly to weight loss. The greater your muscle mass, the more calories you eliminate. In comparison to fat, your body burns more calories with muscles. So, having more muscles not only creates the appearance of a leaner body but also rids the body of fat.

However, as you age, muscle mass declines through something called age-related sarcopenia. It results in decreased strength and muscle mass as you mature, and age-related sarcopenia is also supported by a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

A Slowing Metabolism Affects Weight

In addition to age-related muscle loss, your body’s metabolism also slows. Every decade following the age of 30, your metabolism begins to slow down by 1% to 2% or more. Thus, as you age, you will find that your body responds differently to your attempts at weight loss, and perhaps not in the ways you would like.

Increased Stress Levels Contribute to Weight Gain

As adults grow, we take on more obligations, and these responsibilities can cause stress. The more stressed you feel, the higher your levels of cortisol become. In moments of stress or even prolonged periods of it, your body released the hormone cortisol. It is the most present during dangerous, traumatic, or high-stress situations.

With persistent stress and the continuous production of cortisol, this hormone can be deposited as fat cells throughout your body. Consequently, you will find it hard to lose weight and may even gain weight.

CoolSculpting Provides Results That Can Combat Extra Fat in Your Body

You are not alone in your struggle to lose weight as you age. Many older people face the same difficulties, but the causes behind this weight loss challenge are generally natural. Don’t give up. Though you might not see immediate results with proper diet and exercise to counteract weight fluctuations, these are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re looking for something new to get the body you’ve always wanted, there’s something you should try! It’s called CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that is helping many people who are struggling with stubborn pockets of fat that have crept on over the years and are fighting hard not to go away. It is an FDA-cleared technique that freezes fat away, eliminating the unsightly appearance of fat deposits. For individuals fighting sculpt, contour, reshape or debulk, CoolSculpting could be perfect and provides substantial results that last forever.

For more information on this procedure and how it can help you, contact us at Bodify. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to consult with you. We look forward to helping you reach your body confidence goals!