new yearsIs a better body on your wish list for 2019? You’re not alone. Losing weight was the #2 New Year’s resolution for 2018, and it’s in the top 3 year after year. But it’s February now, and if you haven’t made the strides you were hoping for, you might be ready for another option. That’s where body sculpting 85258 comes in, and Bodify is the only solution you need.

Achieve Your Best Look with Body Sculpting 85258

There are a few different options when you want to lose weight and fit better in your clothes. The tried-and-true diet and exercise path always work, although this takes a little time. A faster approach is surgery, including plastic surgery or liposuction, which can be expensive and cause major downtime. But there’s something else you might not have considered: CoolSculpting.

This safe, FDA-approved process is noninvasive, so it doesn’t hurt or have downtime. And it doesn’t leave scars or take months and months to have effect. Instead, when you choose body sculpting 85258, you get those pesky excess fat cells frozen. Yes, frozen. Our patented applicators rest on the skin for about 30 minutes, during which they target fat cells in specific areas. You go back to your life and let those fat cells naturally leave your body over the course of the following weeks.

How to Know If You’re a Candidate

If you have 30 pounds or less to lose, you might be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. While a surgical approach can suck out fat for those who fall in the obese and morbidly obese categories, CoolSculpting is focused on reducing inches. Think of it as a shaping approach. After all, it is called body sculpting 85258!

Most great candidates for fat freezing are those who are already pretty fit and active. You’re the kind of person who works out and eats well, but you have certain trouble areas that diet and exercise can’t touch. That’s okay; CoolSculpting can.

Why Bodify Is Your First Choice for Body Sculpting 85258

There are few guarantees in life. But since CoolSculpting is all we do at Bodify, we are Arizona’s premier CoolSculpting boutique. And we back that up with our Beautiful Results Promise™. We’ve performed more than 16,000 treatments in the past four years, so we know what works. If you don’t see the results we promise, we’ll perform an additional treatment for free.

Our trained technicians care about you, before, during, and after your treatments. We have delighted men and women across Phoenix with our body sculpting 85258 solutions, mostly because we put you first. We even have a Man Cave for the gentlemen. Plus, with such a friendly team, you’ll definitely feel at home at Bodify.

Consultations Are Free

Ready to learn more about body sculpting 85258? We’d love to see you and walk you through the process. Just schedule a consultation to get started!