Each and everyone of us has had some schooling in our life. We can also most likely agree that if you pursue more and more training on a specific topic or skill set, you gain even more confidence and expertise!

At Bodify, the #1 CoolSculpting provider in AZ based on actual number of treatments done (don’t be fooled by those who say they are the “top”, “largest” “leading” “premiere” there can only be ONE account that has done the most cool sculpt in Arizona and it’s Bodify according to Allergan’s tracked and recorded data) we spend all day working with clients who want to see less fat on their body. We have dedicated our entire business to this FDA-cleared, non-invasive, fat-freezing, body-shaping, body-contouring, safe, and consistent technology.

Why? For one, when done by the right Cool Sculpt technician it works! We knew our clients deserved the best. Which meant our understanding of the machine, how it works, how it needs to be placed to effectively remove fat, how the after-treatment massage needs to be done to get you the best fat-freezing results, and all the vital steps in-between needed to be mastered and used day after day, hour after hour so those who trust us with their desired changes actually get lasting and beautiful results!

The truth is the ability to be GREAT at many things is an illusion. While every so often there are people who can truly excel on multiple fronts, most people need 10,000 hours to become an expert. If you go to a med spa that offers multiple services and has a limited staff do you think they’ve been trained in the same way as a company that only offers a single technology!?

We understand people like convenience, but we care far more about getting you the very best fat-reduction than being able to do several things to you within our walls. Fortunately, Bodify has a great reputation and has forged many relationships with other medical providers so if you have additional needs, we refer you out! How cool is that? This allows you to know we focus solely on your body-shaping goals and don’t try to sell you other services you may or may not need.

If you are not a candidate for Cool Sculpting, we happily inform you and talk about other options at different facilities you can pursue. We have a Beautiful Results Promise™ so our team never moves forward with a candidate unless they have the right type of fat and are excited about the results Cool Sculpt will achieve for them (we shows dozens of before and after photos of our own clients so you can visually see exactly what to expect for your own body transformation)!

We truly feel if an office isn’t willing to keep their technicians up to date on the latest and greatest training, they are either stretched too thin (and you don’t want that person doing your treatment) or they don’t see the value in ongoing training (also a red flag, protocols change, techniques advance, and things evolve in order to get clients amazing results)!

Just the other day a perspective client came to us and had gone to another facility. She said something felt off and Googled CoolSculpting and found us based on our positive reviews! When we walked through her treatment plan, she said the other office didn’t even mark her body or show her photos! WHAT?

How can a person possibly understand what areas on their body will actually be pulled up into the applicator and treated if you don’t mark on a person’s body? And even worse, how can anyone know what a 20-25% reduction of fat look like without seeing a photo of someone who is similar to them and did the same Cool Sculpt treatment plan? This woman was right, something was amiss. Fortunately, she trusted her gut, came to us, and cancelled her CoolSculpting treatment at the other facility.

Not everyone is so fortunate. We know- we’ve had dozens of people come to us with botched CoolSculpting results. In hindsight the people almost always know it was too good to be true, the price was too cheap, the technician didn’t seem to know a lot about the technology, the treatment seemed disjointed, or the office had machines of all kinds in every corner of the room.

Even going to a plastic surgeon for CoolSculpting is often not ideal. We’ve heard countless stories of attempts to upsell people from CoolSculpting to invasive surgery. It would make sense, the doctor went to school for plastics, that is what they are skilled at and want to do. So when they have to do CoolSculpting, they step out of their realm of expertise and your CoolSculpting results can be unsettling, botched, and in some cases non-fixable.

At Bodify all our technicians eat, sleep, breathe, and do CoolSculpting day after day. They love it, they are exclusively trained in it, they have all the certifications- even the ones not required, and they have been personally trained by Melissa and Jessica the owners of Bodify.