Summer in Arizona means that most of us stay inside. A lot. After all, it’s hot outside. No one wants to deal with the possibility of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. But summer also means fewer clothes and more pool time, so stopping exercising is probably not the answer. You need some better Arizona summer workouts that keep you comfortable and fit.

Lucky for you, we have some suggestions.

Become an Early Riser

Most mornings, the sun is up around 5 am. That means it is relatively comfortable between just before sunrise and around 7 or 8 am. If you can adjust your schedule to wake early (or you do already), you can take advantage of the cool mornings for a great Arizona summer workout.

Some early-morning ideas include:
• Hit a nearby trail for a short hike or mountain-bike ride.
• Lace up your shoes and go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood (bonus points for taking your dog, kids, or spouse along).
• Play 9 or 18 holes of golf with friends or colleagues.

If You’re a Night Owl…

If the thought of being up and at it early just doesn’t appeal to you, you may choose to opt for late-evening activities. Although the heat lingers in town thanks to all of the pavement and asphalt, once the sun goes starts to dip around 7 pm, it definitely doesn’t feel as hot. And with many desert dwellers taking advantage of later cool temps, you won’t be alone in your Arizona summer workouts.

Take advantage of the evening cooldown with these ideas:
• Throw a ball or Frisbee around at the park with the kids.
• Take the dog to the dog park and jog laps around the perimeter while Fido plays.
• Play a few games of tennis or some miniature golf.

Embrace the Water

Some of the best places for great Arizona summer workouts are along the waterways and lakes in the area. No matter what time of day, the temperatures will drop significantly near the water. Whether you choose to partake in your Arizona summer workouts in your backyard pool or make the drive to a nearby lake, you’ll enjoy triple-digit temperatures much more when you’re wet.

Have fun on the water with these ideas:
Kayak on Tempe Town Lake, either with your own equipment or from the various rental companies.
• Hop on a boat, whether you own one, rent one, or bum a ride with friends for the day.
• Spend time at one of the area water parks, where you and the family can splash the day away.

Arizona Summer Workouts Can Always Move Inside

The gym is a great choice when it comes to choosing alternative Arizona summer workouts. You’ll find solace in the air-conditioned comfort of the local gym or your home gym. And you might even meet others to exercise with—inside or outside. Stick with your standard routine of weights and cardio or throw in some classes in kickboxing, yoga, spinning, or Pilates.

Go North, My Friends!

If you have some time on a day off or the weekends, you can almost always seek relief from the blazing Phoenix temperatures in the high country. Phoenix and Sedona are typically about 10º cooler, while Flagstaff highs are often 15–20º lower than in the Valley.

It’s still smart to start early in the day, regardless in which part of the state you choose to get in your Arizona summer workouts. Here are a few options when you go north:
• Try a hike or bike ride in a place you’ve not visited.
• Gather wildflowers, shop, or take some pictures of the scenery while walking around.
• Hop on a horse. While they may be reluctant in the summers in Phoenix, in Flagstaff, a nice horseback ride may be the perfect solution.

Stay Fit This Summer with CoolSculpting

As a person who is committed to your overall health and wellness, you will undoubtedly find myriad options to continue your Arizona summer workouts. While moving forward with living a healthy life, consider adding CoolSculpting to your activities. This noninvasive, low-impact treatment is ideal for the person who is within 5–25 pounds of their ideal weight. And that’s likely you.

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