Two things we know at Bodify, people really want their fat to go away and when people invest in a service they want to ensure that they actually get what they pay for.

At Bodify we pride ourselves on delivering insane customer service and also standing behind our chosen technology, CoolSculpting, and ensuring if you spend your hard-earned dollars with Bodify, at either of our two locations, you will in fact see the reduction we promise. If not, we do the treatment again for FREE! How many offices are willing to stand behind the technology and their team like we are, NONE in Arizona and only a handful around the country.

Why are we willing to do this, because your body is our business and we flat out don’t think it’s fair for you to give us money if your body doesn’t change. Most offices are not willing do to this simply because they aren’t experts in CoolSculpting, they don’t know how to craft treatment plans that actually leave people with amazing CoolSculpting results, and they aren’t spending the time and money needed to ensure their staff is trained properly.

At Bodify, CoolSculpting is all we do, in fact as of July 2019, we have done over 18,000 CoolSculpting treatments (yup we’ve frozen a lot of fat), we only share our own client before and after photos (otherwise how do you know what that person did), we guarantee your results, we train other CoolSculpting providers around the country and one of the co-founders, Jessica Stellwagen, speaks for Allergan across the country helping other providers and soon to be provider understand how to successfully build a CoolSculpting practice.

You have one body and we feel you only have one opportunity to do CoolSculpting correctly- trust us we’ve seen bad outcomes. It happens when you go to a provider who isn’t experienced, who is a discount provider or who is willing to compromise your outcome just to make a sale. Picking the right provider, the one that has 100s of positive reviews, a guarantee, and a no-pressure and no judgement environment is critical to you feeling great about your decision to freeze fat and finally transform those stubborn pockets of fat.

We offer financing for CoolSculpting and it’s affordable. It’s time to invest in you and get the changes that genetics, aging, hormones or a slew of other factors have prevented you from achieving on your own.

We can’t wait for you to be another happy Bodify CoolSculpting client!