best CoolSculpting in AZThere are several factors that ought to play into your CoolSculpting provider choice. Not all providers are created equally. Your results are based on 30% technology and 70% technician. Are you surprised at this percentage split? Let me explain it to you so you understand why your CoolSculpting outcome is so dependent on picking the right, most experienced, capable and reputable CoolSculpting provider. With CoolSculpting, the world’s #1 non-invasive, fat-reduction, fat-freezing, body sculpting, body contouring and body shaping technology, you have a single opportunity to do it right because once the fat is gone it is gone for good.

If you had a close friend diagnosed with brain cancer would you send them to a general surgeon, of course not? We know that is an extreme and less than fun analogy, but the same is true with CoolSculpting you want an expert, you want a specialist, you want someone who does nothing other than CoolSculpting day after day because experience matters greatly.

Your outcome depends on which applicators the technician choses, how many applicators they elect to cover your fat tissue, how many rounds they suggest you do to get the outcome you want, how they actually place the applicators and do the post massage, and what take home instructions they give you. Yes believe it or not, not all Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Peoria, Arcadia, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Fountain Hills CoolSculpting providers give you critical take home instructions that can make or break your results. How can that be you ask? If you don’t specialize, things fall through the cracks. The knowledge to make all the right selections only comes with years of experience and 1000s upon 1000s of treatments under your belt. At Bodify we’ve done over 16,000 treatments (as of 2018) and the number continues to grow daily because we have a reputation of excellence among clients, competitors and the community because we achieve outstanding CoolSculpting outcomes and results for our clients.

We guarantee your results because we think it is the right thing to do. Melissa and Jessica are sisters and they’ve had a dream since childhood to own and run a successful business together that truly uplifts people. And good, bad, right, or wrong, how we feel in our own body dictates an awful lot. So, from our standpoint when we can successfully contour, reshape, resize, freeze, and reduce stubborn fat and our clients experience increased confidence and self-perception, they operate differently in the world. And by doing so they have the opportunity to uplift others. Although it may seem like a stretch we truly believe we are impacting humanity positively with every fat-freezing, body shaping, body contouring, and body sculpting CoolSculpting treatment we do.

Not only is experience key, you must ask the provider how many treatments your actual technician has done. Far too often an office will lump all the providers together or multiple locations to make the number seem more impressive, but if you get the newbie at an office that has been around for years, you may be putting your CoolSculpting results at risk.

Make certain to clarify if the office is showing you their own client CoolSculpting before and after photos, or generic ones (ones pulled of the Internet, social media profiles, etc.). This matters greatly, CoolSculpting does work, but remember your results are dependent on a capable and well-skilled, highly-trained and season CoolSculpting technician. Just because an office can show you a photo of an individual who got great CoolSculpting results, doesn’t mean they can replicate those for you. And if they got those images off the Internet how do you know they only did CoolSculpting, how does the office know what treatment plan was done?! They can’t and so telling you they can achieve the same results is not honest or straightforward.

Ask what happens if you see no results from CoolSculpting. Do they say “too bad how sad” or do they stand behind their work with a written Beautiful Results Promise™ Bodify’s guarantee and do everything in their power to make it right? From our standpoint you paid to see a reduction of fat, so you better see it. If on the off chance, your fat cells are super doper stubborn (doesn’t happen often but if it’s you, you’ll be so glad you went to Bodify and that we have a CoolSculpting guarantee in place), we will retreat you for free (specifics are noted in our client paperwork so everyone is on the same page about our guarantee)!

You also want to see how many technologies they offer? Can you really be a master of all- pretty sure you can’t; hence the saying “jack of all trades, master of none!” At Bodify CoolSculpting is all we do. We eat, live, sleep, and breathe the technology because we love it and we believe being the expert at one specific technology trumps doing many less capably.

Check out their CoolSculpting Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews. Keeping in mind that not everyone is thrilled to openly share they did CoolSculpting, so there may not be a million reviews but the ones that are posted matter. How did they respond to any negative reviews, how passionate are the positive reviews? All these things matter as they are indicators for the type of experience you’ll have with the CoolSculpting provider.

Lastly do they have the new applicators (and all of them not just a handful of them) and multiple machines so you can be treated faster and more comfortably!? This indicates if they are cutting edge or simply just have the machines and do a few treatments here and there so they don’t invest in the latest and greatest.

Bodify prides itself on being non-judgmental and never exerting pressure to get someone to buy. We love what we do and we trust if CoolSculpting is a fit for you, you’ll know it and elect to have Bodify freeze away your stubborn fat, because after all, you’ve done your research and you want the very best CoolSculpting results possible.

Give us a call today, we’d love to have you in for a complimentary CoolSculpting consult, free of charge, you have nothing to lose, well perhaps that stubborn fat that has plagued you for years.