Bodify gives away CoolSculpting packagesEach year Bodify elects to give a few very big CoolSculpting packages to lucky winners. This year (2019) we will select a 10k CoolSculpting Giveaway winner from both our KTAR and iHeart listeners. We love both these stations as well as Stacey Brooks and Melissa Sharp. We are so fortunate that 1000s of people tune into and listen to these lovely ladies consistently. Over the years we’ve had so many wonderful clients as a result of our partnership with both stations, so we want to give a little something (well a lot of something) to a winner on each station. Ten thousand dollars of free CoolSculpting. Of course, you have to be a candidate (as we would never move forward and treat an individual who wasn’t appropriate for this remarkable, FDA-cleared, non-invasive, fat-reduction technology). It’s the best in body contouring, body sculpting, body shaping, and fat-freezing. Don’t worry, if you are the lucky CoolSculpting winner and you are not a candidate you can gift your 10k in treatments to someone you care about!

What is CoolSculpting? It is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology. It’s been around for nearly 10 years; 8 million treatments have been performed worldwide and it is the perfect technology to help you get the body you want. If diet and exercise have failed to give you the changes you want, if aging has transformed your body in less than desirable ways, if your body seems to be stuck, if you are just starting your health journey and want a great jumpstart, or if you literally do everything you can but can’t get those last little pesky pockets of fat to diminish, this is the technology for you.

Bodify is your #1 CoolSculpting provider for those in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Peoria, Glendale, Fountain Hills, Arrowhead, Paradise Valley and other Arizona cities, because we’ve done over 16,000 CoolSculpting treatments, CoolSculpting is all we do, we are locally owned and operated by two sisters, we have great online reviews, we have an incredible reputation among peers, Allergan, and the valley because we get our clients great results and results are backed with our Beautiful Results Promise™  a guarantee that no only CoolSculpting provider in Arizona dare offer as they don’t have the experience or expertise we do so they can’t confidently stand behind their team’s work.

We are so excited to gift two people 10k worth of CoolSculpting so they can say goodbye, once and for all, to their stubborn fat. Self-perception and confidence are so important and good, bad, right, or wrong, how we feel in our own skin and how we feel when we look in the mirror when we get dressed in the am, has a tremendous impact on how we carry on throughout the day.

Now is the time to enter to win FREE CoolSculpting and close the gap between the body you have and the body you want!

CoolSculpting is safe, effective, FDA-cleared, and desired by so many because it truly makes your trouble spots a thing of the past. Have excess fat on your abdomen, love handles, braline, under your chin, on your upper arms, on your inner or outer thighs, knees or even your pecs? Don’t worry they are no match for CoolSculpting. With each treatment you will see a 20-25% reduction of fat in the area(s) treated. The undeniable results will showcase in 2-4 months. If you want even more noticeable changes, you can always do multiple sessions. Most of Bodify’s fat-freezing, body sculpting, body contouring, and fat-reduction clients do 2 rounds in order to get the maximum results and most dramatic reduction.

Not sure if CoolSculpting is a fit for you, don’t worry. Bodify offers consults free of charge. They are simply an opportunity to come in, have us take a look at the areas of frustration, map out a plan (yes each and every body requires a unique and custom plan to obtain the best results), answer all your questions, show you our own client before and after photos (so you see what great CoolSculpting results we get our clients and what results you can expect on your own body), and see if it’s a fit for you.

Call us today at 602-354-8040 to book your FREE CoolSculpting consultation. Or go to or to register to win!