As with any technology there are always what we can in the industry “non-responders.”

Why are there certain individuals who don’t respond to CoolSculpting- we don’t know.

Just like one person can have a great result from one unit of Botox while another sees no changes with Botox each and everybody is unique.

I’ve do eating and exercise plans that my friends found great success with, yet for me, I saw no changes. While frustrating, it doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t work and is no good, it simply means that for certain individuals CoolSculpting the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology isn’t a fit for their fat cells and they get to pursue other options.

But before you get scared and assume “CoolSculpting wont’ work for me,” Bodify wants to give you some actual real-world numbers so you can truly see just how effective CoolSculpting is.

At ob Oct 2017, we have done over 12,000 CoolSculpting procedures. At Bodify, we guarantee you will see a 20-25% reduction of fat in the area(s) treated within 4 months or we re-treat you for free. Cleary, the technology works or we would be out of business.

Do date, we have done free CoolSculpting treatments on 52 people. Of the 52 people we re-treated, 13 still saw no reduction- so they are the non-responders. We kick scream and hate when this happens, but clearly the numbers show it rarely does.

Of all the treatments we’ve done, .1% of our clients had damn stubborn fat cells that didn’t listen to the eviction notice. In our book, that’s a fabulous static and one of the many reasons we only do CoolSculpting at our office and believe in it so emphatically.

Come check us out and see if CoolSculpting also known as body-contouring, body-sculpting, cold-body sculpting and fat freezing is a fit for you.

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary consult at Bodify, AZ’s #1 CoolSculpting provider that has earned over 500 Five Star reviews and gets its clients amazing results and guarantees if you freeze at Bodify you will see great results in your CoolSculpting after pictures or we re-treat you for free.