losing weight

Lately, it seems like no matter what you do, you can’t move that scale. You’ve been dieting and exercising, but you’re not losing any weight. Or maybe you lost a boatload of weight when you first started your diet and exercise program, but now you have hit a plateau and it seems impossible to shed those last few pounds of fat.

Don’t worry; there are a lot of women in their 40s and 50s who are in the same position as you, so you’re not alone. And thankfully, there are usually a few easily corrected mistakes you might be making to get you back on the right track to meet your dieting goals.

Too Much Cardio

One of the most common mistakes women make is focusing only on cardio and not enough on resistance exercises or their diet. Studies have shown that when you are thinking about exercising throughout the day, you subconsciously eat up to 50% more calories than usual if you were focused on your diet. It’s also easy to get comfortable with the thought of eating that piece of chocolate or extra snack at work because, after all ,you’re going for a jog after work anyway.

Your diet is a much bigger factor in your weight-loss journey than exercise is. So you must be aware of the amount of food and calories you are eating. A good way to do this is by keeping a food diary. Try MyFitnessPal, a popular, free app.

Check Your Diet

Another very common issue for women who are having problems losing weight is their diet itself. You might think you’re on the right track because of what you’re eating—salad, fruit, vegetables, and lean protein—but you might be eating too much of it!

You have to keep in mind that losing fat is about not only the type of food you’re eating but the amount of calories in that food. Fruit, for example, is a very healthy choice for a snack, but fruit is full of sugar. Your body processes sugars the same way, whether they come from fruits or candy bars. So while the former is obviously the better choice because of the fiber and natural sugar, if you eat a whole bunch of bananas, you’ll end up ingesting more calories than are in that Kit-Kat.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Media also plays a big part in casting shade on women’s weight-loss aspirations. It seems like every month something that was previously considered unhealthy is now labeled as extremely healthy, and we should incorporate it into our daily life for all of the health benefits it offers. Look at the how the pendulum has swing on as dark chocolate, red wine, and even beer!

While these viral health trends may or may not have the advertised health benefits, they will put you in the fast lane to packing on a few pounds. Just one glass of red wine per day can add a pound of fat to your body per month; chocolate will add even more. If you want to add something to your diet, choose to replace something else so your calorie count is on task.

Do What’s Best for You

While there are myriad choices for shedding extra pounds, from exercise trends (cross-fit, anyone?) to too many fad diets to count, what works for your best friend or your sister may not work well for you. You are unique, not a one size fits all; you need to choose the best diet and exercise routine for you.

No matter which options are the right choice for you, remember that you’re chasing a healthy lifestyle. While it’s great to be able to fit into that size six dress you have tucked away in the back of your closet, if you starve yourself to get there, you’re just going to fail again in a few months.

If we learned anything from the turtle and the hare it’s that slow and steady wins the race. Focus on making healthier choices in your diet and eating, and you’ll be well on your way to meeting your goals.

CoolSculpting Can Help

If your weight-loss program needs a jumpstart, we have a suggestion: CoolSculpting. This FDA-cleared and non-invasive procedure is a quick and easy way to not just shrink fat cells but to eliminate them. In less than an hour, one of the highly skilled technicians at Bodify will apply our patented applicator to certain sections of your body where you’re holding excess fat cells and freeze them. You relax while the process starts to work.

In 2-4 months, you’ll see a marked difference in your appearance as those frozen fat cells die and get naturally removed from your body. You’ll be left with clothes that fit better and a silhouette that makes you (and others!) smile.

Learn more about Bodify and how we can help you meet your goals. We think you’ll like the new you.