new yearGiven that a new year is just starting, you’ve likely made more than a few resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more, stop that nasty habit…we usually seem to want to change something, to delete a negative. Why not look at your New Year’s resolution differently this year? Instead of getting rid of something bad, how about attracting something positive? This could be the year that you are the happiest version of yourself!

The Benefits of Happy

It’s been known for a long time that happier people have better lives. It’s just common sense. Your attitude influences everything else in your life. When you’re happy, your mood and outlook on the world change. Plus, being happy is good for your emotional and physical self. Why, then, wouldn’t you want a little more happiness in your life in 2019?

How do you go about amping up the happiness in the new year? Here are some tips to do just that.

Do Good

One of the best ways to feel good is by doing good. Make doing good part of your New Year’s resolution to find more happy. Volunteering and helping others gives your life a sense of purpose, as well as boosting your personal pride and accomplishment. It’s not all feel-good stuff, though; it’s based on science, which has proven helping others creates pleasure in our brains.

Make helping others a positive experience. Don’t stress out about big things you can’t do; focus instead on what you can. Use the skills, time, and resources you have. Can’t spare the time for a regular gig at the homeless shelter? Make a meal for a sick friend’s family. Aren’t sure you can manage volunteering at the animal rescue center? Take your elderly neighbor’s dog on a long walk. The important thing is to make a contribution. Someone else gets the benefits and you get the happy. Win-win.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is about celebrating life and appreciating what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t. Practicing gratitude is an intentional mind shift from negativity to positivity. It can be big—like being grateful for a cozy kitchen full of food, instead of focusing on the fact that you don’t have granite countertops and a decorating-show design. It can also be small—like being grateful for the amazing colors of the sunset or the inviting warmth and fragrance of a cup of your favorite herbal tea.

When you take the time to celebrate and appreciate life, you not only reduce stress and anxiety you’re also happier and more content. Many people find it worthwhile to keep a gratitude journal, which helps them recognize and record all the things they have to be grateful for. “The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record” is one option that focuses on low-key simplicity with a collection of inspiring quotes.

Stay Connected

When it comes to staying connected, social media doesn’t count. Sure, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to see what your friends and family are up to, but they don’t replace personal connections. In fact, social media sites like Facebook can have a negative effect on happiness.

Strengthen your connections to family and friends and seek out new friendships with positive people. Research shows the more connected you are, the happier you are.

So as part of your New Year’s resolution to boost your own pursuit of happiness, create more happy moments with people who lift you up by supporting you, sharing your interests, reliving fond memories, and, of course, laughing—because laughter really is the best medicine for happiness.

More Happiness with Bodify

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