different dietWhy Some Bodies Respond So Differently to Different Diet and Exercise Changes

Everyone is different, and all of the variations that come with being human will affect how each body responds to diet and exercise. A group of friends can work out together, doing the same routine and indulging in the same foods after, but they can end up with mixed results. How is this discrepancy possible? What causes it? Many factors contribute to how you as an individual lose or gain weight, and determining your body type can help you understand your best strategy for weight loss.

What Is Your Body Type & What Does It Mean?

Everyone’s body is unique, and you can easily notice this fact when you’re walking down the street. But everyone falls into a general body type category. A body type is not only indicative of a person’s build but also of their physiological responses to diet and exercise.

Bodies are categorized into three types of body shapes: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. However, not everyone fits seamlessly into these categories; some people can have a combination of traits from two or all types. These physiques apply to both men and women, and they are:


This physique classification is characteristic of people who are lean and long, with a narrow chest, thin arms, and legs. These individuals generally find it hard to gain weight or build muscle mass, and their bodies have very little fat.

They have high metabolisms, and despite what they consume or whether they exercise, it’s not too difficult for them to lose or maintain their weight and remain slim. So, if you have a friend who can continuously stay thin or in shape without trying, they probably fit into this category.


Mesomorphs typically display a physique that is strong and athletic. They gain weight or fat faster than ectomorphs, and their body shape is rectangular. For these individuals, gaining muscle and maintaining a fit body is quite easy. Working out in the gym and obtaining the desired results is quite natural as well.


People with an endomorph body type usually have a solid physique and are short in height. Unlike ectomorphs who are lean or mesomorphs who are athletically built, endomorphs have a soft round body. They have a slow metabolism, which causes them to gain weight and fat effortlessly. People who identify with characteristics of this category find it incredibly hard to lose weight.

CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape

Regardless of your body type and the general features you may exhibit, you are unique and might be unhappy with your body shape. You may be trying everything to get rid of fat pockets, big or small, and diet and exercise are no longer working.

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