coolsculpting bad resultsAt Bodify the only service we offer is CoolSculpting. Before opening Bodify in 2015, we searched far and wide and tested a ton of fat-reduction, body sculpting, body shaping, body contouring, safe, effective, and FDA-cleared technologies. And guess what? The ONLY one that made sense for us to invest in and build a business around was CoolSculpting!

Why? It works, it’s predictable, it’s lasting, it’s safe, effective, requires little to no downtime, and is non-invasive. Not only that, we get to work with Allergan that is an incredible company.

We knew from day one we wanted to offer a technology that worked over and over again and we also decided that if your fat-cells were super stubborn and for some reason didn’t get the eviction notice the first time around, we would do a second round of CoolSculpting for free. It’s the right thing to do and our mission is to be the best, most memorable, and authentic CoolSculpting practice in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix, Peoria, Arcadia, Scottsdale, Anthem, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Arrowhead, Glendale and other AZ cities and we can’t do that if we don’t stand behind your CoolSculpting results.

People call often and say “how much does CoolSculpting cost?”

It’s a great question but one that can’t and really should not be answered via a phone call, text, or, email unless the person has been in for a consult.

There are many offices that happily give pricing over the phone. And Bodify, the #1 CoolSculpting, body shaping, body sculpting, and fat-freezing clinic in AZ, thinks you should be cautious if a company is willing to share pricing over the phone.

Why? Two very specific reasons.

#1: We have learned and heard that many offices that are quick to quote you great and low prices on the phone without seeing you, often run bait and switch operations. They tell you it’ll be $600 and then you come in and before you know it your investment is $2,400. How unethical is that? Leaves a bad taste in your mouth doesn’t it?

#1: Based on experience (and a lot of conversations with those who did CoolSculpting at another clinic and got a bad result and then came to Bodify to fix their bad CoolSculpting outcome) the offices that quote over the phone and honor that quote use a one size fits all CoolSculpting treatment plan regardless of what you need, how much tissue you have, how your fat sits, or what type of results their one size plan will leave you with (remember they don’t guarantee results so what do they care)!? You can’t use the same plan on everyone, it leads to no results or worse bad results. So you will be throwing money down the drain.

At Bodify we are an establishment of no judgement and no pressure, we invite you to come in, let us assess you, get all your CoolSculpting questions answered, see before and after photos of our own clients so you can anticipate what your own CoolSculpting results will look like, lay out a custom treatment, and pricing plan and go from there.

Is it an extra step, you bet! But one that is well worth taking. If you want the best results you need to go to an expert, that has 1000s of CoolSculpting treatments under its belt (hint hint Bodify has done 16,000 as of 2018, more than any other fat-freezing, body shaping, body sculpting provider in AZ), a provider that stands behind their work with a guarantee, has great online reviews, and can show you before and after CoolSculpting photos of their own clients not stock photos.

Why put your results at risk? Remember when you do CoolSculpting, results are lasting, so you better make certain you come to Bodify and get the CoolSculpting outcome you deserve and paid for.