bodify fat reductionThere are a lot of technologies out there that claim to reduce body fat, reshape those are to reduce body parts, recontour your body in ways diet and exercise can’t, but the truth is, most of those products and services fail to deliver on their promises.

As two women who were deeply excited by the prospect of owning a business, we knew that we would never succeed unless we picked the right body shaping technology. One that was safe, effective, FDA cleared, and had millions of treatments under its belt. We searched far and wide and all roads lead to CoolSculpting. When we first started CoolSculpting, although it wasn’t near as popular or widespread as it is today, it still had a great reputation, the science behind the technology was sound, and the word on the street from both those who were offering the service and patients who had done CoolSculpting, was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

This is exactly what we wanted. We knew we could create a business that was non-judgmental, warm, welcoming, and void of pressure, but we also knew it didn’t matter who great our staff was, how big and kind our hearts were, if we didn’t give clients what they expected when they paid for body transformation, we would never be able to thrive. In fact, at Bodify, we guarantee your results, because as good humans, we don’t think you should invest in fat loss unless we achieve it (fortunately if you elect the right CoolSculpting provider who knows who to build the right treatment plan, place the applicators correctly, do the post-treatment massage correctly, and give you two very important take home instructions, critical to your results, the you WILL get results)!

Electing to offering CoolSculpting and be the master of one technology, versus the jack of all trades, was the BEST decision Bodify could have ever made not only for our team but for the 1000s of clients we treat. Why? We can stand behind the technology with confidence, we’ve done over 16,000 treatments and have a HUGE repository of our own client before and after photos that clearly demonstrate just how well CoolSculpting works at getting rid of stubborn and unwanted fat! Our yelp reviews continue to strengthen our reputation as not only a genuine business that cares about our clients, but a business that also does right by our clients and offers a technology that actually kills fat cells and helps people transform their body, have increased confidence and an improved self-perception.

Nothing makes us happier than to witness the body changes our clients undergo. Nothing is more rewarding than speaking with men and women who are tired, frustrated, defeated, demotivated and downright hopeless about their trouble spots and then walking with them on the 2-4 months journey of CoolSculpting and having them come back for their final before and after photos and watching them look at them with happiness, excitement and disbelief.

Good, bad, right, or wrong how we feel in our skin impacts our lives on a daily basis. We have the #1 non-invasive, fat-reduction technology that allows us to change self-perception, give people the body changes they can’t achieve on their own, and once again feel proud, confident and happy in their own skin. This is a gift and something we love to do on a daily basis. Uplifting people is really our ultimate goal every interaction we have with any client or prospect has one goal, make their person feel better, the world needs more businesses that do that and we are hopefully just the start of CoolSculpting practices in Arizona that will start to care about the people they interact with and do everything in their power to deliver on their promises and make the experience memorable for the clients.