coolsculpting too fitWhen it comes to health and fitness, you’re dialed in. You eat well, exercise, and really focus on making your health a priority. With all of the great things you’re already doing, you may wonder if you’re too fit for CoolSculpting. The truth is that the fat-freezing solution can support all that you’re already doing, plus give you a boost. That’s because CoolSculpting is the safe, proven, and lasting way to shape up those tough-to-tame areas. And it accelerates your efforts to fully achieve the body shape you’ve been working so hard on. In truth, it’s nearly impossible to be too fit for CoolSculpting.

The Ideal Solution for Woman and Men

If you’re fit and think you aren’t the right person for CoolSculpting, think again! Truly, it’s perfect for women and men who are already in shape. Most clients who add CoolSculpting treatments to their life just want to trim and sculpt specific areas. Even with a great nutrition and exercise plan, there are some areas that are difficult to touch.

Women and men who have already achieved their goals or are who within 5–35 pounds of their goal weight are the ideal candidates for CoolSculpting. The truth is that you’re never too fit for CoolSculpting.

And men are completely pampered at Bodify, where we over the coveted ManCave, which is the perfect place to relax, watch a game, or catch up on some work during a treatment.

Lose Inches and Look Better 24/7

While you may be at your ideal weight, it’s quite possible that you have some lumps, bumps, and dimples that make you feel uncomfortable. Freezing your fat is perfect for you, especially if you think you’re too fit for CoolSculpting. That’s because it targets hard-to-reach areas.

Whether you want to lose additional inches on your tummy, hips, thighs, upper arms, back, or even under your chin, fat freezing is for you.

Zero Downtime Means More Exercise Time

In a healthy lifestyle, exercise is important. Whether you prefer hitting the trails, taking a long bike ride or run, lifting weights at the gym, or practicing yoga or Pilates, exercise is a vital part of your life. Since CoolSculpting is noninvasive and has no downtime, you can have a treatment at lunchtime and be back to your normal schedule right after. And no one will know that you’re doing it—unless you tell them. Your friends may think you’re too fit for CoolSculpting, but it can be your little secret.

Quick Results That Last

If you are already at your ideal weight or nearly there, fast results can make a huge difference. And that’s just one of the reasons people love CoolSculpting. For weeks after your treatment, your body will naturally eliminate fat cells in the areas you target.

Although it can take an average of 2–4 months to deliver full results, you should begin seeing initial differences within just a few weeks. You maintain your healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise while the fat melts away. It’s like turning your workout up a notch every time you hit the gym!

Too Fit for CoolSculpting? Think Again

No matter how fit and healthy you are, you’re never too fit for CoolSculpting. If you’re considering adding this proven treatment to your routine, you may want to know you’ll get results. Lucky for you, we at Bodify offer the Beautiful Results Promise™. We ensure you’ll get the results you want. And we can do that because CoolSculpting is all we do. We’ve performed more than 16,000 treatments so far. We’re recognized as a leader, both in Arizona and across the US.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about how CoolSculpting can fit into your healthy lifestyle. We’re eager to share with you why you’re never too fit for CoolSculpting.