As life continues to demand more and more of our time and attention, the things know we should and need to do to stay healthy, fit and active can seem more like chores than fun.

It’s no wonder that the general population is struggling more and more with weight and being healthy, demands of our time, energy and money are increasing difficult to avoid.

Regardless of all the excuses we can muster up regarding why we aren’t hitting our body, health, and fitness goals, we can if we only make it a priority. We all have one life and one body in this life so we better take care of it.

Here are a few strategies to help you stay fit, healthy and achieve the body goals you have.

1. Read the labels of the foods you eat. So many hidden and nasty ingredients are packed in some of the foods we love and falsely think “are good for us.” Once you begin to read labels you are no longer ignorant and you can start to make good choices about which foods you put into your body and which ingredients you avoid. Shop the perimeter of the stores- meat, fish, veggies, fruits, because in most cases, these have no additional ingredients and do the body good.

2. Utilize your lunch break. First if you aren’t taking one, START! This is a critical time to decompress, step outside, be mindful of the food you’re eating and prepare yourself for an afternoon of work. If you have a 30 minute break, take time to eat and also move your body. Walking up and down stairs, doing squats, walking around the parking lot are all easy ways to move your body and burn calories and get a clear head.

3. Take advantage of the weekend. Many of us think the weekends are just from total rest and relaxation, but we can’t forget each week is comprised of 2 weekend days and if we can use both those days to prepare a plan for healthy eating and being active, then you only need to find 1 or 2 additional days during the week to burn calories, get our butts to the gym or engage in whatever activity you prefer.

4. Use technology wisely. There are a million aps out there to makes our lives easier and more efficient. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many. Pick the ones that keep your eating and activity level on track, allow you to celebrate your wins, and remind you to get back on the wagon if you fall off.

Being busy plagues everyone, but some find time to make exercise, sleep and healthy eating a priority. It is simply a choice and one you won’t regret making.

If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey or if you have been doing the right things for a long time and still have a few pockets of stubborn fat, adding CoolSculpting to your arsenal can be an incredible solution that finally allows you to achieve the body contouring goals you’ve been going after.

Bodify opted to offer CoolSculpting to its clients because it is FDA-cleared, safe, effective and ensures those who do it have little to no downtime. Bodify has treated over 13,000 clients and loves how this non-invasive and fat-reduction technology changes bodies.