new yearWe still have a bit of time left in the holiday season. Have you already gained some weight? Statistically, people gain upwards of 15 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day. With just a few days remaining, here are some tips to help you curb the weight loss and start 2017 on the right foot.

Give Yourself a Break

You may have gone a bit overboard at Thanksgiving and throughout December, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep that trajectory going. Instead, you can forgive yourself for your transgressions and start looking forward to a new year, and a new you.

It’s not much fun to give up on the goodies entirely, but you also don’t need to down a plate of cookies and a bottle of bubbly at each party. How about just one or two pieces of whatever goodies are being passed, followed by a small flute of champagne at midnight?

Stay Hydrated

There’s a lot of benefit involved with drinking your full share of water daily. Adequate water is good for your skin, hair, and weight. Sometimes, you may feel hungry but really be thirsty. Before you start eating, be sure to drink a full glass of water. And keep a bottle of water with you at all times. You should be drinking at least one glass of water at each meal as well as at snacktime.

If you do choose to imbibe at a New Year’s Eve party, drinking water will help tremendously in avoiding getting drunk or suffering a hangover. If you’re looking to lose weight, you should avoid alcohol altogether, but this night only happens once a year, so you may choose to indulge. Let’s say you have two drinks; you’ll want to separate them with a glass of water, followed by a third glass of water. Staying hydrated will help you feel like yourself well past midnight.

Eat Normally

Just because you’re going to an evening party doesn’t mean you should starve yourself all day. Eat as you normally would during the day: healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Drink 4–6 glasses of water. Exercise. Then, when you get to the party, you’ll be more likely to make smart choices since you’ve been doing well all day long.

Listen to Your Body

How many times have you eaten because you’ve been bored? When you have a goal of weight loss, you can no longer eat when you like, just because. Listen to the cues your body is telling you. Are you truly hungry? How hungry are you? When did you last eat?

Some people are really hungry when they first wake, so they eat a bit more at breakfast. But what if you’re not hungry in the morning? Then maybe some water and a piece of fruit will be sufficient. If you pay attention to what your body is telling you, you’ll make much better choices.

Remember There’s Always CoolSculpting

If you’re making your New Year’s resolutions and planning to get back to your pre-holiday weight or even back to your weight of the last decade, you have choices. Naturally, there’s always diet and exercise. But when those choices alone aren’t doing their job, your next choice is to seek outside help.

Sure, there’s plastic surgery and liposuction, but those are invasive, expensive options. Another option that might be perfect for you is CoolSculpting. This FDA-cleared fat-freezing procedure can be completed during a lunch hour with no pain and no downtime. And since Bodify specializes in this treatment, we know exactly who’s a great candidate and who isn’t, as well as what kind of results you can expect.

We wish you an amazing new year, and if we can help you achieve your weight-loss goals, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a consultation and tour of our offices so you can see for yourself if CoolSculpting will be a fit.