sports season chinupsThe weather outside is great, and that means that many sports are coming back to the forefront. Soon, you’ll be out with your friends playing baseball, football, and basketball. Costs for a round of golf go down, so you need to be ready for those early-morning tee times. And don’t forget about bowling and racquetball! It’s spring sports season, guys, and it’s time to get that body in shape!

If you’ve been relaxing through the winter and haven’t been as active as you might have liked, here are some tips to be ready for the big games.

Always Warm Up and Cool Down

Warm muscles are less prone to injury, so be sure to do some simple stretching and moving before engaging full on in your sport of choice. Slowly raising your heart rate through jumping jacks, a brisk walk, or a leisurely jog gets you ready for the real workout of sports season. And stretching tells your muscles it’s time to get going.

Likewise, when your activity ends, don’t let your body go cold and stiff. Bring your heart rate down gradually and stretch those muscles again. A simple stretching routine following your sports session helps keep muscles loose, which alleviates future soreness. Also remember that, if you stop your activity too quickly, you are at risk of passing out or feeling sick.

Create Accountability

One of the main reasons people enjoy spring sports season is the group aspect. When you know that you’re going to see friends on the field or golf course, you are more motivated. Why not share that level of excitement and create some accountability? Some pre-game practice or weekly workouts help you not only get together but urge each other on as you get back in shape. Having a support system can more than double your chances of success when it comes to fitness, so call on your buddies and get out there together.

sports season golfMix It Up

How familiar are you with the concept of cross training? Many of us are guilty of doing that one thing we love—and eschewing all other activities. Don’t be that guy. You can achieve overall body fitness while avoiding injuries caused from repetition by mixing it up. If you golf, try tennis; if you hike, try jogging; and if you play a sport, spend some time at the gym on the weights. Anything and everything is up for grabs to help you stay in tip-top shape.


We shouldn’t even have to say this, but we will: water is life, especially in the desert. No matter how thirsty you do or don’t feel, drink water. And beer won’t cut it, guys; in fact, it dehydrates you more. Lack of hydration can lead to death at the extreme, but it can also contribute to dizziness and increased aches and pains. Don’t like water? Try adding some electrolytes, which will really help you stay in the game. Just be cautious of the additional sugars added to many sports drinks, which will slow you down and lead to weight gain.

Allow Yourself Time

If you’ve been a couch potato all winter, don’t expect that you’ll be able to run a marathon on your first day out. Be patient. Depending on your level and length of inactivity over the winter, it can take as long as six weeks to get back into shape for the spring sports season. Go slow, pace yourself, and stay focused on your fitness goals. Soon enough, you’ll be back in shape and enjoying the spring sports season to the fullest.

sports season soccerAre You Ready for Sports Season?

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