holiday seasonThe holidays can be an exciting time. Experiencing the season through the eyes of children makes it magical. But there’s another side to this time between Thanksgiving and New Year. Stress from bills, parties, and family obligations can transform magic into mayhem. What you need to do is maintain some holiday season sanity this year. And you can accomplish that through balance.

Balance Your Expectations

When it comes to creating—and maintaining—holiday season sanity, the key is moderation. In everything! What you expect to happen can vary greatly from what actually occurs. It’s important to approach the season pragmatically and balance your expectations.

For instance, be realistic about what you can accomplish. No one person can be all things or do all things. You don’t have time to go to every party, make gifts for every family member, or even move that damn Elf on the Shelf every night. Plus, you need to stop worrying about what everyone else is up to. The holidays will be what they are; you can’t control it all. Once you start to let go, you’ll better manage expectations and remain sane.

Balance Your Feelings

Anxiety, stress, and emotions run high during this time of year. If the holidays remind you of how your parents are no longer around or this is your kids’ year with your ex, you could sink into the abyss quickly. Instead of wallowing in sadness (or even getting angry), anticipate the issues and make plans to avert them. If you’ll be without parents, volunteer at a senior-living facility. And if the kids are with their other parent, treat yourself to a fun event instead.

There’s no reason to feel guilty for having fun, even when those bad feelings loom. You need to look after yourself to maintain holiday season sanity.

Balance Your Perspective

Practicing mindfulness will help you stay in the here and now and balance your perspective this holiday season. Take each moment as it comes. Savor it. Revel in it. Whether you have children in your life or not, strive to look at the holidays through a new lens. And when you find yourself feeling too caught up in the hustle and bustle, sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. This, too, shall pass.

Balance Your Health

Although statistics vary on how much weight Americans gain, on average, while maintaining holiday season sanity, we know that most do. And many of us also tend to reduce—or eliminate—our exercise routines. That doesn’t have to hold true for you.

Sticking to your regular schedule of diet and exercise can do wonders for helping you create holiday season sanity. It’s been proven that exercise has numerous benefits, not the least of which is stress reduction. And extra pounds can make you feel lethargic, unattractive, and even more stressed. You don’t want any of that for a happy holiday.

Balance Holiday Season Sanity with Bodify

The most important thing to remember during the holiday season is that you’re not alone. Even when you’re single, you have friends, family, and that ragtag bunch you met on Meetup to keep you engaged for holiday season sanity.

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