fat bothers youIs there fat on your body that bothers you every time you get dressed?

Guess what? Fat matters. Guess what else, how you feel in your own skin has the ability to really impact your confidence and self-perception. It doesn’t matter if you have a little extra fat or if you have a long way to go from obtaining the body you want! CoolSculpting is the perfect body contouring, body sculpting, body shaping, fat-freezing, and non-invasive fat-reduction technology out there. It is safe, effective, FDA-cleared, and has been done more than 8 million times worldwide and Bodify has done over 16,000 (as of the end of 2018) CoolSculpting treatments which makes up the #1 provider in AZ and #4 in the nation.

Not only are we the most experienced, we are the ONLY provider that stands behind the technology and YOUR results with our Beautiful Results Promise™. Do you really want to trust your results to a clinic that won’t promise you results? Your results are 30% based on the technology and 70% based on the provider, so why aren’t those other offices confident they can get you the CoolSculpting results you deserve?

Everything we do on a daily basis is in an effort to feel better. Wanting to feel better, more confident, and composed in your clothes is another arena that people are looking for help in. Diet and exercise aren’t always the end all be all solution. Sometimes you have to get additional help to get the transformation and lasting results you want. That is where CoolSculpting comes in. It is ideal for targeting those stubborn pockets of fat that don’t budge even though you work your buns off at the gym, eat reasonably well, and stay active. SO…NOT….FAIR!

It just isn’t fair, when you work hard, yet see no changes. It can be devastating, demotivating, frustrating, aggravating, and downright painful to look in the mirror and see a reflection that you don’t feel is accurate compared to how much effort you put in.

People in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, Arcadia, Scottsdale, Glendale, ArrowHead, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and other Arizona cities are going to Bodify for their fat-freezing, body contouring, body sculpting and CoolSculpting needs because they want to go to an expert, they want great CoolSculpting results and they want to go to a CoolSculpting provider that guarantees they get great CoolSculpting outcomes.