bodify for your body

I was a young mom but feeling old. Then I discovered Bodify—and it changed my life.

Married with Children

I met my husband in my freshman year of high school, and we dated all the way through graduation. Two years later, we got married. Some people thought we were too young, but when it’s right, you just know.

I got pregnant with our first boy when I was 22 and was really excited to be a young mom. I stayed at home while my husband worked on his career at his sprinkler fitting company. My mom helped out when he had to work weekends, and things were good. Then, two years later, I had my daughter and things got crazier, busier, and harder. Then, to my surprise, I became pregnant again when my daughter was nine months old! Of course, we were happy but also overwhelmed. Our lives became all about handling these little blessings.

Young Mom but Feeling Old

By the time I was 26, I had three children and was feeling really tired and drained. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had had a good night’s sleep. I felt like I had been pregnant or nursing for years, and my body needed a rest. “No more babies,” it was saying.

My husband was a great dad and helped out as much as he could. We couldn’t really afford to have a babysitter during the week, so most of the childcare responsibility was mine. I had a lot of great friends around, though, which saved me! My best friend from high school had just had a baby, and we tried to get together as much as possible with the kids. We would go to the park, library, and playground regularly.

My body, though young, was really out of shape. One day, my oldest boy was looking at pictures on my phone. He pointed to a photo of my mom and said, “Mama.” I said no that was Grandma, and he said, “No, Mama!” I looked at the photo and was struck for a moment. It WAS me, but I looked just like my mom. I was shocked.

Reality Bites

I knew I had to give myself a break. I was a mother with three kids all under the age of five. My life was constantly in chaos, and I had pretty much zero time to take care of myself. But when my son pointed out how much I looked like my mom in that picture, it was a bit of a wake-up call.

Now, she looks great for her age—but she’s 30 years older than I am! At that point, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I could to get back in shape—or in even better shape—than I had been in high school.

Give Up the Guilt

The hardest part of making time for me was that I felt guilty about being away from the kids—even for just an hour! But I had to work through that to be able to give myself some healthy “me” time. I asked friends and family for help with the kids to achieve an hour and a half for myself, four days a week.

During that time, I would either exercise or prepare healthy meals for myself. I started running again, something I had been good at in high school, and I cut out soda and desserts. After the first month, I had lost about seven pounds! I was so encouraged and happy. The kids were also learning some independence while we were apart and that felt great too. Then things really changed when I heard about Bodify.

Out of My Comfort Zone

To get my body in the shape I wanted, I realized I might have to think outside of the box. And Bodify’s CoolSculpting treatment was definitely out of my comfort zone. After looking at the website and reading about this amazing technology, my eyes were opened. I had never had or even considered something like it, but I had to admit it sounded perfect for me. With about 10 pounds to reach my goal, I was a good candidate.

The areas I wanted to target with CoolSculpting included my thighs, hips, and abdomen—all of the areas hardest hit by nearly back-to-back pregnancies. I was nervous going to Bodify, but there was absolutely no pressure. They made me feel comfortable, and it really was all about me, which didn’t happen often in my kid-focused life.

On the ride home, I mulled it over and thought about the past few years of my life. I never really did anything completely for me. I was always thinking about my husband or the kids and making choices for our family. CoolSculpting could help me feel good again in my own skin, something just for me. I decided to try it.

So Glad I Tried CoolSculpting

I am so proud of myself for trying something new. The results have been fantastic. I feel more confident, and I like the way I look. Best of all, my son doesn’t confuse pictures of me with pictures of my mom anymore!

I am the young mother I always wanted to be and look forward to a long, active, healthy life with my beautiful family.