fall weddingsWhile the vast majority of the country considers summer prime wedding season, in Phoenix, well, not so much. Here, we look forward to fall weddings while we appreciate the indoor AC. If you’re planning to have or attend fall weddings this year, you have a couple of months to get your body in prime shape to wow everyone.

Planning Is Key

Maybe you’re the bride (or groom), and you got engaged recently. Maybe you’re a guest at a friend or family member’s upcoming wedding. If you’re involved in wedding planning, every day counts. It may seem like 2–3 months—or even up to a year—is a long way off, but when it comes to something you’re so eagerly anticipating, you want to start planning now.

No matter your role in the upcoming nuptials, you’re going to be in front of a group of people. That means you want to look amazing! So what can you do now to get yourself ready for those fall weddings?

Schedule a Physical

Has it been a minute since you saw your doctor? Do you even have a primary physician? It’s a smart idea to schedule an annual physician with your doctor. And no, that annual GYN appointment isn’t quite the same thing, ladies. You want to talk to a medical professional who looks at the whole picture of your health and wellness.

When you have your annual check-up, you’ll want to be sure your doctor runs standard blood work and screenings. This way, you’ll have a base for your healthy endeavors. It may turn out that you’re a-okay heath wise and just want to tone up a bit before wearing that tux or strapless gown. But there could be something you don’t know going on. And it’s always better to know.

Review Your Diet

Whether you’re healthy as a horse or have been told by your doctor that you need to lose a few pounds, it’s always a good idea to review your diet. Download a food diary app, such as MyFitnessPal, to track what you’re eating and drinking. Even people who think they eat healthy may be surprised to learn about the hidden calories they’re ingesting.

Don’t plan to change anything with your diet right away (unless you want to). Just start seeing where you are. Again, you want a baseline so you can start planning your new, healthier you for those fall weddings.

Fitness Matters!

Even though your diet is the number-one consideration when it comes to your weight and internal health, that doesn’t mean you should overlook fitness. Just moving every day is a huge benefit.

If you have your phone on you all the time, MyFitnessPal will track your steps. Otherwise, you may want to purchase a Fitbfit (or other tracker) to ensure that you’re moving. Aim for 10,000 steps each day, which is about five miles. You can achieve that number by getting up from your desk and walking around each hour, parking farther away from your destinations, and taking the steps instead of the elevator.

Strive to do a structured workout three days a week at a minimum. To realize maximum benefits, include cardio, stretching, and weight-resistance exercises each time you hit the gym. And if you choose to do more than that, go you!

Fall Weddings Are Better with CoolSculpting

It doesn’t matter where you are with your fitness and diet goals; CoolSculpting is the icing on the cake. As part of your healthy lifestyle, this patented fat-freezing technique helps you lose inches painlessly and easily.

Bodify is Phoenix’s premier CoolSculpting boutique. Unlike some Phoenix med spas, all we do is this one service. And that means we’re one of the best. We encourage you to look at some of our before-and-after pictures so you can see the kind of results you’re signing up for. Because you want to look amazing at those fall weddings, whether you’ll be saying I do or just cheering on the happy couple.