fat genes

It’s an age-old dilemma: when something you choose to wear just doesn’t flatter you well and makes you look fatter than you are. But what if the cause of the fat issue isn’t your clothes but something inside? A recent study suggests that when it comes to weight loss, your genes may have more to do with how you look than your jeans.

An Outline of the Study

The small study involved 46 participants in an eight-week program that included exercise, diet, and behavioral changes. What was different about this study was that the participants also took DNA tests, which were reviewed for certain genetic markers.

Five genetic markers were linked with weight loss. The researchers were trying to predict which study members would end up losing 5% or more body weight and which would lose 1% or less—or even gain weight. After determining which genetic markers were linked, the researchers were then able to predict results with 75% accuracy.

What This Means for Us

Remembering that the study included fewer than 50 people, it’s understandable as to why researchers aren’t eager to make broad statements about their findings. However, it is a starting point for future tests that could determine who will be successful on certain weight-loss plans and how to increase effectiveness by taking genetics into account.

If doctors know ahead of time that a certain approach may not work for a certain person, they can craft an alternative that will be more successful. And that can also produce faster results. No more waiting, seeing what works, trying something different, and getting frustrated through all of that. Now, a quick genetic test can tell doctors exactly which path will work best.

What You Can Do Now

Since this study was completed with such a small test group, it will need to be replicated a few more times before the findings become accepted across the medical community. But there may be hope for dieters now, even without scientific backing.

For now, you can rest easier knowing that just because a particular weight-loss program seemingly works for everyone, that doesn’t mean it will work for you. That’s good because you can stop beating yourself up if you’re not seeing the results you’d like. It might not be the program; it might be in your genes.

Jumpstart Your Progress

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