best coolsculpting providerEasy Ways to Recruit Friends for a New Eating and Workout Plan That You All Can Enjoy, Stick With, and See Results From

Let’s get real, rarely can people achieve their goals with just diet and exercise!

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For those who lack self-motivation, pairing up with a friend or two can help elevate your workout experience. When you’re feeling discouraged, they can help restore that confidence. Also, they can encourage you to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals and ensure that you remain on track.

There is indeed power in numbers, so coming together with your friends to motivate one another is a great idea. Establishing a health plan comprised of healthy eating and great workouts can be beneficial.

Have you and your friends been talking about losing weight, eating right, and getting fit? Here are some easy activities as well as some helpful apps that can aid with keeping you all on track.

Group Activities

In an effort to keep things exciting and fresh with your workouts, it is essential that you adopt fun activities to keep you interested.


Consider riding through your local bike trails or heading out on a short adventure around town. It will spark conversation and also enable you to get in some cardio while you cycle through the city. If it’s too cold where you live, consider indoor cycling! Classes like these are high energy and will certainly keep you and your friends entertained.

Arrange a Sports Competition

Whether your friends enjoy volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, or any other sport, arrange a short tournament. Set a date, choose a place, and gather everyone for some fun.

Make it a competition so that everyone is willing to really get involved in the game. Let them know that there is a reward for the team that wins. For example, the losing team has to take the winning team members out for lunch. That will encourage you and your friends to stay active and involved in the game at hand.

Helpful Fitness Apps


Fitbit is one of the most well-known and renowned fitness apps for people who want to lose weight and track progress. Specifically, it allows you to compare your progress with family and friends. In this app, you are privy to their calories, weight loss, number of stairs climbed, and other factors.

For those seeking to stir up a competition to see who can achieve the best stats and attain the highest results, this app serves a useful purpose. Stay connected and supportive.


MyFitnessPal is also a remarkable app. You can track your calories, water intake, and activities that you perform throughout the day. You can set your own fitness goals, network with other users, and develop an online community that is committed to achieving health objectives similar to yours.