does CoolSculpting workHeck yes it does! At Bodify, we have done over 16,000 treatments (as of 2018). It is the ONLY service we offer as we prefer to be the “master of one” vs “jack of all trades” and we guarantee your results with our Beautiful Results Promise™.

We share all this to illustrate that if the technology didn’t work and CoolSculpting was the best body sculpting, body contouring, fat freezing, fat reduction and body shaping technology out there, we would be out of business. But instead, we are growing every single year because CoolSculpting is safe, effective, FDA-cleared, and high demanded by those who are sick and tired of stubborn fat. But not every Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Peoria, Sun City, Flag Staff, Arcadia or other Arizona CoolSculpting business is growing consistently. Bodify is because we know how to treat individuals, get them great results, never pressure them into a decision, and build custom CoolSculpting treatment plans that reshape and transform your body in ways you’ve wanted for a very long time. And guess what? Having done 16,000 + treatments we’ve learned a thing or two about having our clients do a few extra things after their treatment that stack the chips in your favor to get even better results.

Less experienced office don’t offer these take home instructions to their clients and thus jeporadzie their results. From our standpoint no matter where you go for CoolSculpting you are making an investment, so don’t you want to place your CoolSculpting results in the hands of experts, those who eat, sleep, breathe, and live CoolSculpting, those who are the #4 account in the nation, #1 in Arizona, have a reputation of excellence, and are an official CoolHub and Preceptor for Allergan?

If we were looking for safe, effective and non-invasive fat-reduction we’d look no farther.

When you come in for a consult, there is never any pressure, it is simply an opportunity to explore if CoolSculpting is a fit for you, if it can help you achieve your body goals. We answer all your questions, map out a custom treatment plan (there is no one size fits all like many offices do), show you our own client before and after photos (so you see real people we treated and can see how great CoolSculpting works and what type of results Bodify delivers), talk about pricing, look at financing options for CoolSculpting, and see if it’s a fit.

Each Bodify team member has personally experienced the power of CoolSculpting on their own body and has played a role in the 16,000 successful CoolSculpting treatments- more than anyone in Arizona- we can easily walk you through what to expect, how you will feel, when you will see results, and any other questions you may need to answer before deciding if CoolSculpting is for you!

We can’t wait to have you in!