It’s time to stop dieting wrong. The very idea of dieting is not a recipe for success because restrictive eating sets you up to fail. Instead of pinning your hopes on fads and quick-fix dieting, make a commitment to lifestyle changes that will give you the lasting results you’re looking for. It’s time to start dieting right.

Change Your Viewpoint on Dieting

Dieting creates a love-hate relationship with your food. Throw out the idea of “good” and “bad” foods that dieting right requires. Instead, choose healthy foods as well as foods you like—and enjoy eating them. Enjoyment is the key. Turn off the TV and your tablet and turn your attention to your plate. The average American spends more than 2 1/2 hours eating each day, but more than half the time we’re doing something else too, says a US Department of Agriculture report. And that lack of awareness may be contributing to issues such as obesity and poor health.

Mindful eating is all about paying attention. Instead of guiltily gulping down that latte, savor every sip. Don’t scroll social media during your afternoon snack; bring all your senses to the experience and focus on biting, chewing, tasting, smelling, and swallowing. While you’re eating or drinking, think about how your food nourishes you as well as how it satisfies you. And most importantly, listen to your body’s cues. Chances are your body will tell you it’s full before your plate is empty. When it does, honor that and stop eating. Research shows mindful eating helps you gain awareness of your body, be more in tune with your hunger, and decreases reward-driven eating.

Focus on Balance

Break the dieting cycle of restrictive eating and focus instead on balance. Let your willpower work for you, not against you. Typical dieting relies on that willpower to restrict and eliminate—creating the urge to splurge. And when you splurge, you feel like a failure. Change the way you use your willpower by making smaller changes to what you’re eating over time, like adding one more vegetable to your plate or subbing water for sodas. You’ll change your relationship with food and achieve a lasting, more balanced approach to how you eat. That’s making a lifestyle change, which is, in essence, dieting right.

Stay in It to Win It by Dieting Right

Dieting is a short-term idea: You plan to keep dieting until you reach a goal. Then what? A long-term restrictive diet isn’t healthy—nor is it enjoyable. When they reach their goal, most people return to old habits. And guess what happens? They gain the weight back. #DietingFail. In fact, 95% of people who lose weight by dieting gain it back in one to five years.

Keep your eye on the long-term prize of a healthier, happier you by making changes to your nutrition and activity levels to master dieting right. Build healthy habits you can stick to, including taking the stairs, going for an evening walk, eating whole-grain bread, or planning meals to reduce the possibility of choosing takeout when you’re tired and stressed after a busy day.

CoolSculpting Supports Your Healthy Lifestyle

When you change your mindset about dieting right, and make it more about creating a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to success. At CoolSculpting, we are all about supporting our clients’ healthy choices. In fact, the process of fat freezing works best for people who are looking to lose inches and tone areas with stubborn fat. If that sounds like you, we should talk.

CoolSculping is a safe, proven, and lasting way to get rid of fat permanently. We invite you to schedule your consultation with Bodify to learn more about us and how we can help you meet your goals. You’ll be glad you did.