As the owner of Bodify people often say, why would you freeze your fat, you’re thin?

The truth is regardless of how others see you, what’s most important is that you see yourself in a way that supports your goals and dreams and allows you to walk around with confidence and strength.

I workout 5 days and week and eat exceptionally well, I have type 1 diabetes so it’s a must. However, there were still areas on my body I wanted to see changes. I felt helpless and at a dead-end.

I tried everything. Worked out harder, longer, ate even better, took cheat days out of my plan, yet those areas just didn’t shift.

It actually impacted how I operated in the world. When I don’t feel good in my own skin, others don’t get my best me. I spend time beating myself up and dissing on the reflection in the mirror rather than offering my gifts to the world.

So when I learned of CoolSculpting, the world’s #1 non-invasive, safe, FDA-cleared and effective fat reduction treatment, it was worth a look.

What I found were 1000s of positive reviews and 1000s of pictures showing the after CoolSculpting photos. The science behind the technology was strong and I loved the buzz around this procedure, so I jumped on in.

For the first time ever, I felt great about my outer thighs, armpit fat and love handles. Did I have to pay for it, you bet, was I able to achieve it on my own, heck no, do I care, nope! Why? Because I got the result I had been striving for futilely for years and felt damn good in my own skin.

So regardless if others tell you you “need” CoolSculpting or not, the real question to answer “how do I feel in my own body and will freezing some of my fat off boost my confidence and help me operate more positively, effectively and excitedly in the world?!”

If the answer is yes, you have found the perfect fat-reduction technology and won’t regret your decision to freeze☺