stubborn belly fat how to loseThey say that high school and college are the “glory days,” and that was definitely true for me. But after my athletic career ended, my body didn’t respond the way it had in my youth. And that led to my being less than satisfied with my appearance.

The Athlete

When I graduated high school, I was at the top of my game. I was the quarterback of the regional champion football team, and the girl on my arm was the most beautiful girl in school. We were in love, and when I got drafted to a college team, Brenda joined me at the university.

I played all throughout college, and Brenda traveled to some of our away games with me. I was studying business while she was working on her education degree. I asked her to marry me in between our junior and senior years, and she said yes.

But something happened in my senior year. I took a hit—hard—and tore my ACL, a common injury on the field. I was off the team, and my aspirations for a future in the NFL were shattered. Thankfully, I’d always been a good student, so after my operation and some painful physical therapy, I had a fallback. But my life took a definite left turn.

Husband and Father

I’m grateful that Brenda stuck in there with me through everything. She continued her studies while I took a semester off to nurse my injuries, and when she graduated, she found a job in a local elementary school. I got my degree a semester after she did, and I landed a great position in a growing company as an insurance adjuster.

We got married less than a year after graduation, and we didn’t think we could be any happier. We’d made the transition together, and it had made our relationship even stronger.

Then came Robert, our son. He just made our life together more complete, but of course, having a baby in the house kept us just a bit busier. Brenda stayed home for her maternity leave, and then she went back to her classroom, so we both had to juggle our schedules to keep our sanity with a little guy at home.

No Time for Me

As an involved husband and dad, I had little time for myself. Robert turned from infant to toddler and then started school. Of course, as a former athlete myself, I was excited to coach my son on his T-ball team. What a joy to be so involved in his life!

Herding young children is a lot more work than managing one, and it was when I started coaching that I realized I wasn’t quite as young and energetic as I had been. I’d get winded after showing the boys how to run the bases, and I had to order my team jersey in XL.

Going to the gym and working out sounded like a pipe dream. Working a full-time job, supervising practices, and coaching games kept me too busy to do much for myself. Plus, I hadn’t worked out in so long, I didn’t know where to start. I knew I could, since I was healed, but how much could I handle?

A New Option

Then I heard about CoolSculpting, and I knew that was the route for me. I’m busy, but I still get a lunch break, and since the treatments can be completed in less than an hour, I was sold. Plus, the cost was pretty affordable for our family.

When I went to Bodify, I was a bit nervous. I mean, do guys even do this kind of thing? It felt a little vain and, well, effeminate. But the staff there was so amazing, and they made me feel comfortable immediately. They have this thing called the ManCave, and it has TVs, Wi-Fi, and it’s closed off from the rest of the place. It was awesome.

The Results

Within just a month of my first treatment, I started to see results. I was so excited with the way things were progressing that I scheduled a second set of treatments as soon as I could. That led to disappearing love handles and a more refined look.

Now, I not only feel better about myself, I have more energy. Keeping up with the kids is easier these days, and that newfound energy has me exercising more. My son and I ride our bikes, play catch, and run around a lot more. Bodify has helped me rediscover the excitement of my high-school and college days, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Is it time to regain some of the glory of your youth? You too can see these kinds of results with Bodify. Contact us to get started.