stubborn fatMy sweet granddaughter’s Grandparents Day breakfast at her school was fast approaching, and I wanted to look as young as I felt. But I knew I couldn’t do it alone; I would definitely need help.

If I Could Turn Back Time

You might be singing the Cher song right now, but I often feel like I wish I could go back. Of course, if I did, I wouldn’t have Chloe. I became a grandmother for the first time five years ago when my son and daughter-in-law welcomed their darling baby girl. But, boy, I didn’t feel like a grandmother at age 55.

I’m not sure if my husband and I are stereotypical for our age or not. We feel great and stay active with regular exercise and a healthy diet. We want to be around to be active in our grandchildren’s life (and yes, we do expect more!).

However, lately, when I look in the mirror, I see myself aging in ways I’m not so comfortable with. I now have crow’s feet around my eyes and mouth, my skin is losing elasticity, and there is a “pooch” around my middle that is driving me crazy. Ten years ago, I could find so many faults with my body, but now, I would do anything to get that 45-year-old body back.

Setting the Bar

I value my health as the most important gift in my life. I love being able to hike and feel my heart beating while the sun is on my face. But the aging struggle is real. It’s frustrating when you don’t look as young as you feel—and I feel amazing.

So when Chloe’s Grandparents Day breakfast was announced, I decided to challenge myself to really look like I felt and age a little more gracefully. I began to search for ways to make my outside self more reflective of my younger, inside self.

A Look in the Mirror
With respect and gratitude, I decided to take a hard look in the mirror. There were parts of my body that I would have to accept and parts I could attempt to change. Hair and makeup were obvious places to start, so I browsed some magazines for ideas. I looked at older women I admire and took notes about what I liked about their appearance.

Striking colors draw attention to those little lines I was trying to hide, so I started to tone down my colors to more neutrals and deep or soft-toned clothing. When I looked through my closet, I admitted that some of my clothes had to go. There had to be a 30-something who would look much better in those blue leather pants than I would. Hello, Goodwill!

I stocked up on some new items that were more in line with my age without making me look like a grandmother. I was all about playing up my features while downgrading those little imperfections.

Things They Don’t Tell You About Aging
As I was working with what I had, I noticed the things I definitely wanted to change. What happened to my flat stomach? And why did I now have batwings where firmer inner thighs should have resided?

With my active, healthy lifestyle, it didn’t seem like these things should be possible, but aging is a tricky business. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make a difference.

Thankfully, I have friends of all ages, including those who are hip and in the know. I was discussing my recent struggle and goals when one of my friends told me about Bodify and CoolSculpting. I hadn’t heard of the idea of freezing fat before, but this friend had fought with similar issues that dieting and exercise couldn’t touch—and she had found great results with the process.

Out with the “Old”
Armed with my newfound confidence, I contacted Bodify. The entire experience, from the first call on, was excellent. The staff is extremely supportive and has seen it all. I was excited that all they do there is CoolSculpting, so they’re experts. In fact, they are ranked among the elite CoolSculpting boutiques in the country, so I knew I was in good hands.

I was excited that the treatment was non-invasive, required no downtime, and was painless. It helped that I already had a healthy lifestyle, but I was told that I wasn’t expected to make any changes to what I was eating or my workout routine. “Just continue as normal,” they said. That, I could do!

So Glad I Tried Something New
A few weeks after my first treatment, I started to notice the changes. I had treated my biggest pain points: under my chin, my inner thighs, and my stomach. I was starting to look on the outside the way I was feeling on the inside: beautiful.

When I showed up at the Grandparents Day breakfast, a few people even commented that I didn’t look old enough to be a grandmother! I was thrilled! Bodify’s treatment did just as promised, and I couldn’t be happier.