50 something manThis year, I have resolved to give my heart to someone special. But I wasn’t quite sure I was ready, and I needed a little boost of confidence when I looked in the mirror. That’s when I discovered CoolSculpting, and everything changed.

A Very Good Year

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve started each new year with the same promise to myself: to lose weight and eat better. As a 50-something man, I’m definitely in the prime years of my career. But all of that hard work has taken its toll on my body. I haven’t devoted the time I should to eating well, and exercise has seemed a distant memory.

That changed last summer. I was at a conference out of town with other executives, and I saw that I looked no different from them. We all shared the familiar beer gut, whether gotten through too much imbibing or our sedentary lifestyles. And everyone seemed tired. I didn’t want to be part of that statistic, and the moment I returned home, I started swimming laps every morning before work. I planned out my meals for the day the night before. I was more focused.

I lost 25 pounds pretty quickly, and I felt my energy levels return. I was finding a better work-life balance, spending time with friends I hadn’t seen in far too long. But all of my friends were married with kids; I was the odd bachelor out. Although I felt past the kids stage, I started envisioning my life with a partner. It had been nearly a decade since my divorce, and I was ready.

Bring on the Love

It’s not like I’ve been completely single for the past 10 years, but romance certainly hasn’t been at the front of my mind. I’ve worked hard to get where I am professionally, and that dedication wasn’t appreciated by most of the women I dated. But now that I’m here, the time is right. My position is secure, I have a team beneath me to do the heavy lifting, and I can allocate the time that’s needed to build a relationship with a special lady.

As I lost the extra pounds and rebalanced my life, I started dipping my toes into the dating pool. But the women to whom I’ve been most attracted are younger, single moms with school-aged children. They need a man who exudes vitality and who’s able to keep up with their active lifestyles. I wasn’t sure I could compete and draw their attention.

An Alternative Solution

There are some things that diet and exercise just can’t tackle. Although my midsection had slimmed down through exercise and a better diet, I was still wearing size 36 pants, and I knew I should be in a 32/33. And that extra skin under my chin seemed to age me more than I wanted to admit.

It was around the holidays that I stumbled across the idea of freezing fat. Someone in the office had left a brochure in the break room, and I found myself curious. Sure, I’d considered some kind of surgery, but it sounded vain to even attempt to go down that path. After all, I’m a man’s man; do men really seek out plastic surgery or liposuction as viable options?

I decided that a little research certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I wasn’t ready to tell anyone my thoughts. Instead, I took to the internet. That’s where I learned more about CoolSculpting, the process of freezing and eliminating unwanted fat cells. No fly-by-night, get-thin-quick scheme, this process is FDA cleared, noninvasive, and proven successful. A little more digging led me to Bodify. I was intrigued because they only do CoolSculpting, whereas all of the other medspas offer a full menu of services. Plus, Bodify has something they call a ManCave, and I figured if they’d gone so far as to create a place just for men to feel comfortable, they probably knew what they were doing.

The Call That Changed My Life

On March 2, I made an appointment with Bodify for my consultation. I was impressed. The team exuded professionalism, and not once did I feel as if I was in the wrong for seeking out help. On the contrary, my technician praised me for looking so great for being in my 50s!

I had my first treatment immediately, and although they cautioned me it could take a few weeks to see results, I am positive it’s already making a difference. If nothing else, I feel better, but I know my chin is starting to get back its definition, and are those more chiseled abs I’m seeing?

My outlook has changed because of this process, and I am taking a new perspective toward dating. I started volunteering in the community, and I am open to meeting that special lady. I know this will be the year because my heart is open and my confidence has increased.

If you are looking to make changes to your life, I encourage you to make a consultation with Bodify. I think you’ll agree that they take amazing care of their clients and go above and beyond to make everyone feel good about themselves—even if you’re in your 50s and this is your first foray into this arena. You’ll be glad you made the commitment to yourself and your life.