It’s the most popular app since Tinder, and thousands of kids of all ages are running around searching for rare Pokémon in parks, zoos, and retail locations across the country. Pokémon Go, it seems, may do more for people than pass the time; in fact, some are reporting weight loss—even significant weight loss. Could this be the next big thing for dropping pounds?

One Man’s Story

According to a CNN article, one UK man lost nearly 30 pounds playing the virtual game. No, he wasn’t lifting invisible Pokémon; he was walking—141 miles in 20 days, according to his tracker. He walked the equivalent of more than five marathons in less than a month, all to play a game on his phone. Not only is that dedication, that’s exercise in the form of walking.

And it’s the walking that hascaused this man and others to shed pounds.

It seems everyone gets that the walking associated with Pokémon Go has a benefit for players. Women’s Health even published an article on how to increase your weight-loss results using the game, highlighting five ways to maximize your calorie burn while chasing down Pokémon. Among their suggestions: play the game daily, walk faster, take inclining paths where possible, incorporate weights, and watch your diet.

Fad or Fact?

Sure, the game may be a current fad, but there’s nothing trend about keeping moving and staying healthy. It’s a well-known fact that walking and exercising can burn calories. According to MyFitnessPal, a popular diet- and exercise-tracking app, walking a brisk pace of 3.5 mph burns around 240 calories per hour. Add weights, in the form of a backpack, perhaps, and you’ll up the burn that much more.

It’s long been recommended to get an hour of physical activity daily, and as we all know, the more fun you can have exercising, the more likely you are to continue. If chasing virtual little critters gets you off the couch and out walking around the world, that’s a very good thing for not only your weight but also your heart, body, and mind.

Watch Your Diet Too

While you’re off collecting those Pokémon, remember to eat healthy meals and snacks. It won’t help to walk for hours if in between you’re eating cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Pack water bottles in your backpack along with sturdy fruit such as apples or oranges and easy-to-eat raisins, nuts, and energy bars (read the labels on those or make your own).

Hydration is very important while exercising, especially here in the desert. It’s a good idea to keep water with you at all times. Just freeze a few bottles or use a reusable bottle that freezes to keep the water cold. And drink that water. Don’t replace it with sugary beverages like sodas, which add empty calories and actually don’t hydrate you well at all.

Catch Some Pokémon on Your Way to Bodify!

No matter how much you love your virtual gaming, unless you are searching for Pokémon while you’re running a marathon or moving through a triathlon, it’s unlikely playing the game is going to get you quite where you want to be. But we have a solution for that: CoolSculpting!

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