April Fool’s Day is here. It’s a day filled with laughter as people play practical jokes on one another. So, this means that you may be either the victim of a prank or the winning prankster that gets to shout “April Fool’s!”

Some people, they take their time to come up with an ideal prank, whereas others are spontaneous and devise one on the spot.  If you are not the intuitive type and are considering ways to get back at that person who always plays pranks on you, here is a list of April Fool’s jokes that you can replicate.

Before we talk about a handful of fun ways to get your friends, love ones, co-workers and more let’s talk about something serious, your desire to burn fat!

CoolSculpting is No Joke

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Plastic-Wrapped Toilet Seat

If you have a roommate, lover, or friend that lives with you, and they are continually finding ways to prank you, here is one you can try. This one is the “plastic-wrapped toilet seat” prank. It involves lifting the toilet seat and securely covering the top of the toilet bowl with Saran wrap.

Once complete, you place the toilet seat and cover back down over the bowl. The result is a tad gross, but when the person you are pranking comes to sit down on the toilet to use it, they’ll feel something warm running down their legs.

“Hey! That’s Not Juice!”

Are you a parent that is tirelessly being pranked by your children? Well, here’s a good one to get them going. Before their snack time or after dinner, fill their juice cup with gelatin and place it in the refrigerator to solidify. When it’s ready, offer them the drink. Watch in amusement as they attempt to take a sip but are confused by it being stuck in place.

Caramel Onions, Anyone?

Almost everyone loves a caramel-dipped apple. When people venture to the fair, this is one of the first treats everyone grabs. They can also be made at home as they make an excellent dessert for after dinner.

But what if you decided to switch these delicious apples for not-so-great-tasting onions? Instead of covering apples with caramel, swap them with onions. Once covered with caramel, they’ll look just like the real thing. Your family or friends won’t know the difference until they bite into their sour apple.

I Need to Tell You Something…Sike!

One of the most dreaded texts anyone wants to read is: “I need to tell you something…” Those words automatically set off a chain of emotions and concerns in the other person’s head, regardless of who they are to you. If you feel like playing on someone’s feelings by playing a simple practical joke on them, send them this text. Let them sit for some time pondering what you have to tell them. Then, guess what? Tell them zilch.

Is This Sugar?!

Do you live with someone who puts sugar in their tea or coffee every morning? Consider replacing the sugar with salt. It may not be elaborate, but you’ll certainly get a reaction from them with this prank. Grab your sugar jar, remove its contents, and fill it up with salt. Watch in the morning as that person pours the salt into their mug thinking it is sugar. Admire the grimace on their face and a possible yelp as they take a sip of their salty morning beverage.