holiday fitnessYes, you can stay on track with your fitness goals this holiday season! Despite temptation from decadent buffets and traditional holiday treats, your health and fitness goals can survive and thrive this holiday season. Our collection of holiday fitness hints will help you stay focused, so you look and feel your best throughout the holidays—and have no regrets come January 1.

#1: Make Time for Working Out

We know the hustle-bustle holidays mean life is busier than ever. Shopping, parties, and preparation crowd your already-busy schedule. Just thinking about it is enough to make you exhausted! During the holidays, it’s especially important to make time for working out. You know working out boosts your energy, and your mood, which will help you make it through those busy days. Schedule working out on your calendar. Take advantage of the amazing weather. Get to the gym. Create an at-home workout plan. The key: Have a plan—and stick to it.

#2: Focus on Daily Fitness Goals

Experts say focusing on short-term daily fitness goals is better than thinking about long-term results during the holidays. What are the goals you can achieve every day? You’ll feel more confident if you can check the box on smaller achievements, rather than stressing about that far-off goal—or worse, disregarding it. Just take the holidays one day at a time.

#3: Get Your ZZZs

Sleep is one of the best tricks to keep in your back pocket throughout the hectic holiday season. It’s definitely one of the toughest holiday fitness hints to manage, but it’s essential to your health. Getting proper sleep will amp up your energy, which you need during the holidays. It will also zap stress, which you definitely don’t need more of at this time of year! You’ll feel better when you’re well rested. Beyond that, when your stress levels are up, your body’s metabolism can slow down. Nip that negative cause-and-effect in the bud and get the sleep your mind, body, and metabolism need.

#4: Say “Yes” to Something New

If you’re postponing a new fitness goal until January 1, such as starting a class or going low carb, don’t wait. Say “yes” now and take advantage of the momentum of newness, which is a powerful motivator. Get a head start on that New Year’s resolution and kick up your holiday fitness routine. Your new commitment will help you say “no” to fitness busters, including high-carb cookies and cupcakes, and will give you the extra push you need to get to that new class.

#5: Eat Smart and Eat Small

When it comes to food, our holiday fitness hints are to eat smart and eat small. To eat smart, focus on foods you love and invest your calories on those once-a-year treats that really make the holidays happy for you.

To eat small, think about portion size and stay in control. Love your mom’s special cookies? Have two, not 10. And instead of bellying up to the buffet, vow to make only one trip and fill your plate with only small tastes of those high-calorie holiday foods.

The Last of Our Holiday Fitness Hints: CoolSculpting

Despite your best intentions to follow these holiday fitness hints, you still may fall short on your health and fitness goals this holiday. Don’t worry; CoolSculpting is your backup plan.

Bodify is Arizona’s #1 CoolSculpting boutique. It’s all we do, and we have perfected the art. This noninvasive, safe procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes. Plus, there’s no downtime. You’ll be back to your routine while the fat we freeze naturally leaves your body over the following weeks.

So keep these holiday fitness hints in mind, and keep our number handy. In fact, why not schedule a free consultation now to learn more? You’ll be happy you did.