CoolSculpting elite meausuring

Allergan, an AbbVie company, has very high standards. Before they launch any new technology or improvements of existing technology; they want their super users of that technology to test it and criticize and scrutinize it, and offer feedback so when the technology is released, it is the best possible version available.

Bodify, has been a super user of CoolSculpting since the doors opened. Why? Because Bodify dedicates itself to one technology and one technology only- CoolSculpting. With more than 23,000 treatments under its belt and 1000s of hours perfecting the art of CoolSculpting, it came as no surprise when they were selected along with 9 other practices in the nation to be part of the CoolSculpting Elite Assessment Program.

Bodify’s level of expertise, focus, and relentless quest to deliver exceptional fat reduction results to its clients has made it a practice those wanting non-invasive and lastig fat reduction seek out and other practices try to mimic.

The owners and staff of Bodify were tasked with assessing the new CoolSculpting Elite system. They were asked to use it over the course of 3 months and offer feedback not only on the new design and enhanced features of the system, but most importantly what we saw in terms of timing of results and final fat reduction results.

The staff has been blown away. Typically, CoolSculpting clients start to see a reduction at 8 weeks, only a small percentage of people see changes at 4 weeks, however with the new CoolSculpting Elite system, Bodify found, in every single instance, clients say reductions at 4 weeks and final outcomes were more significant than previously achieved with the old CoolSculpting machine and applicators.

One of the reasons the new and improved fat-freezing technology is enhancing results, is the new applicator design. The new design is allowing more surface area to be contacted and evenly cooled during the treatment session. Thus resulting in more fat reduction.

Melissa Mickelson, one of the co-founders emphatically states, “we are continually amazed by the superior results we are achieving with the new CoolSculpting Elite system. This will make it even more exciting for our clients and also inspire new people to jump on the fat-reduction train!”

Bodify is beyond grateful to not only have been chosen as an assessment site but to have the new machine in their practice. At the end of the day, anyone who wants to invest in lasting and non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring should have the best technology available to them, and Bodify is proud to offer that!